The Cafe on the Corner

Sam is a regular girl in a regular town in Missouri. Working in a cafe on the corner with her father and brother. She wishes she could do more with her life. Sam and her best friend Danna find a cute boy who just moved into town. Now Sam has a shot at something interesting to happen in her life when a tornado hits and her life changes forever.


3. Coffee

     Oh no I can't believe what just happened! It happened so quickly it was dog leech, trip, coffee, him. He started laughing I quickly got off of him. My new clean white shirt was now boiling hot. I took it off, don't worry I had a tank top on. Wow this was awkward.

    He sat up and tried to brush off his shirt, His mother that had walked in with him and Mrs. Glum burst out with laughter. My dumb little brother walks over and takes a picture of me. "Sorry" I said, "there was a dog leech and the coffe, I, I..." He cuts me off saying "Hey it's okay this is my first day here so, at least I won't forget it. What's your name?" I can't think, my name? What's my name! He talking to me! Oh my gosh.

    "My name is Samantha Bochelli, but most people call me Sam. What's yours?" I am probably blushing so much. "This is a coincidence because my name is Samuel Tell, but most call me Sam." His mom walks over "ok you too, well sorry Samantha we have to go get him cleaned up and we need to get unpacked so we'll be back for lunch." Oh no he's going to come back? " Well bye Sam" he said as he walked away.

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