The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


98. Epilogue


 Luke's P.O.V.

It's been 16 years since that day. I tried to forget I tried to be happy. But it wasn't possible without Charlotte. I don't think Charlotte realized how much she helped all of us through tough times. She was so smart but she was oblivious to how much she helped people. But now I am married to my beautiful wife Grace and I have a younger daughter Charlotte. And it wasn't my idea to name her Charlotte it was Grace's idea she said she like the name. I wasn't going to disagree. "Hey daddy who is this." Charlotte who is ten asked me. It was a picture of Charlotte (dead) and I. "Oh uh Charlotte that's one of daddy's old friends." I said smiling at her not wanting to answer anymore questions about her. "Is that who I was named after?" Charlotte (10) asked. "No your mother really liked the name but honestly I think that it was because of Charlotte." I said smiling at the photo. "Why aren't you guys friends anymore?" "She is still my friend she is my best friend but she's just not here." "Where is she can we met her?" "She is at a lake and we could." "Can we go now?" She asked excitedly. "Let's get mummy okay?" "Okay did mummy like her?" "Your mother never met her but I know she would." "Okay let's go."


We got to the lake our lake. There was a shrine dedicated to Charlotte. There were pictures and things that mattered to her. There was a picture of her and I, I was kissing her cheek and she was looking at me confused and disgusted. I laughed at the memory. "Luke are you okay?" Grace asked. "Yeah I'm fine I just miss her." I said still gazing at all the photos.


Michael's P.O.V.

It's been awhile since that day. I slipped into my bad habits after Charlotte died I stopped I only did it for a month but still that's a long time for it. Calum and I are married now we have Federer and we took in two foster kids and we adopted them. They are siblings we have a 15 year old named Marcus and a 7 year old named Lucy. "Breakfast is ready!" Calum shouted into the living room. "Do I have to get up?" I whined. "Yes now get your lazy ass up and get in here." Calum said laughing. "Fine," I said like a stubborn two year old. I got up and he pecked my lips. "Ew!" Both of the kids yelled. "Marcus you'll be doing that really soon and Lucy we better never catch you kissing anyone." I jokingly said. "Ew germs!" Lucy shouted. "Charlotte," Calum and I both looked at each other and said laughing. "Speaking of which, which one of you is better at flirting?" Marcus asked blushing a little. "Ooh does Marcus have a crush?" I taunted. "Pft no," he blushed even harder. "So who's the lucky lady?" Calum asked getting cups for everyone. "Would you believe me if I said Charlotte?" Marcus asked to me I always picture Charlotte (dead) whenever I hear the name not the little Charlotte. "Well she's 10 so that's a bit weird but uh no I don't believe you." I said laughing at the end. "Damnit," he muttered. "Who is the girl really?" Calum asked sitting down. "Okay her name is Leigh she is so nice and sweet and funny and cute and smart and hot and I just she's amazing and guhhhhh!" Marcus said flustered. "Maybe you should stop hanging out with your aunt Sapphire." I said laughing.


Sapphire's P.O.V.

I smell pancakes. I run down stairs to see Ashton cooking pancakes. "What's the bad new?" I ask scared. "Nothing I decided to cook today." Ashton said kissing me on the lips. Ashton and I are now married and James is 16. I can't believe it myself. "Okay no PDA today please I want to keep my breakfast down." James said coming into the kitchen making us laugh. "Are we going to aunt Charlotte's shrine today since it is that day?" James asked he still remembers a bit about Charlotte because she took care of him a lot as a baby. "If you want to bud it's up to you." Ashton said. "Yeah I think we should go and we should invite uncle Michael and Calum and Luke and aunt Grace and their kids." James said taking some coffee. "Yeah of course but since when do you drink coffee?" I asked confused. "Since I wanted to." James fired back. "Well okay then," I said putting my hands up in defense.


Everyone is here now we are gathered around Charlotte's shrine. We all loved her. Michael was writing something in the sand. 'We are the misfits be jealous.' We all laughed and signed it. I saw Jessie walking up to us. "Jessie? What are you doing here?" Luke got up and asked. "After 16 years I decided to go back into Charlotte's room and found more notes here they are addressed to you guys."


Go to our old School locker 296 the combination is 36-25-30. Open the top locker and you will find what you want.

Charlotte xx'

"We have to go to school." Luke said. "But it's Saturday," Michael complained. "We need to got and see what's in Charlotte's old locker." I said shaking my head. "It's been sixteen years do you really think that whatever she wanted us to see it's still there?" Calum asked. "Well we have to find out." Ashton said getting up. "Grace do you mind watching all the kids while we go?" I asked really hopeful. "Of course not go and find it." Grace said smiling. "Thanks," I said getting up standing next to Ashton. "Thanks honey I'll be back soon." Luke said and with that we left to go to our old school.


So many memories here. Bad and good. "Here it is locker 296," Luke said putting in the combination. He opened the locker all of Charlotte's stuff was still in there but why? Luke opened the top locker. We saw al out names Luke grabbed the one with his name on it first. The rest of us grabbed ours and we looked through them. Luke was hugging his and crying. "What is it Luke?" Michael asked. "It's Charlotte's songs. She wrote songs. She would never let me see she said when I'm gone you can look she gave this to me." Luke was smiling but still crying. "Sapphire what's in yours?" Luke asked. "I don't know I haven't looked yet." I said opening it up. "Her book. The book she wrote I can't believe she gave this to me." I said hugging it closer she had been working on this since she was 12. "Michael what about you?" I asked. "Her sketch book why would she give this to me?" "Ashton what about you?" Michael asked crying a bit. "A book of all the talks we've had. All the problems we have faced together. She did that?" "The thing about Charlotte is she wrote everything down that could be of somewhat importance. She was spectacle like that." I said laughing and shaking my head in amusement. "Calum?" Ashton asked. "Her log," Calum said all of us looked confused. "I made her promise that she would have to take a log everyday if she cut then she had to write down what day and why. It was the same for her eating what she ate that day." Calum explained. "Wait look there's notes," I pointed out.


I gave you this because you always wanted to know what was in it. Also because you need to keep song writing you have stories to tell.

Charlotte xx'


Finish this book for me please then do what ever you want with it.

Charlotte xx'


I gave you this sketch book because you would always peek at it. Plus you are an amazing drawer keep at it.

Charlotte xx'


We have had so many memorable talks and I need you to remember to never give up.

Charlotte xx'


I gave you my log because I was always honest in it and you made me get stronger. Thank you.

Charlotte xx'

Calum was looking at the very back of the log Charlotte had given him. "Luke is this true?" He asked. "Is what true?" Luke asked back. "The last thing in here it says '1/26/15 I cut because Luke called me fat, a wrist slitter, and an attention seeker.' That was the day she died Luke.'' Calum said looking angry. "I didn't mean to I swear we were in a fight and it just slipped out." Luke said crying. "It's my fault she's dead." He was crying again. "No it's not she left because of all the crap that was going on not because of you." Michael tried to sooth.






A/N: Done! The Truth is done. I wasn't planning on any of this to happen. I came up with this one day when I felt like shit. If you stuck it out through the end and didn't cry you were like me. But thank you for reading this. I think that people need to be more aware of the subjects in this book thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this it means a lot.  























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