The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


97. Chapter 95



**!!!!!!MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!!!!**
Luke's P.O.V.
I was walking over to Charlotte's house to apoligize to her. I still feel so bad about everything that I said to her. I kocked on the door I had my gutiar in hand. I was going to sing her Missing You by All Time Low it's one of her favorite songs. She loves the messege it's sending out. "Oh Luke," Jessie opened the door. "Can I help you?" She asked welcoming me in. "Uh yeah is Charlotte home?" I asked shaking. "Uh yeah she's in her room but are you okay?" Jessie asked. "Yeah fine," I ran up stairs to her room. I knocked on her door quitely. "Charlotte please open up I know you're mad at me and stuff but I love you let me in." I decided to try and turn the door knob. I opend it up and saw a sight a sight I never wanted to see again. I saw Charlotte hanging by a nuse. My vision was blurred by tears pouring down my face. I saw a letter there it had my name on it.
' Luke,
If you're reading this I'm dead I'm gone. Please move on from me please. I love you more than anything and no matter the reason that pushed me over the edge know that I'll always love you. Remeber when we were just walking just randomly and we found this beautiful lake it was so beautiful. You said to stop but I didn't listen. I grabbed your wrist and pulled you to the lake. We sat down beside it the small waves drifting over the shore line. I said nothing could ever be this perfect again you said the only thing more perfect than this moment was me. I disagreed with you but you still insted. I still remember the first time we said 'I love you' to each other we were just being careless and stupid dancing in the rain you picked me up and spun around you kissed me and wen you put me down you said I love you. The thing is Luke I don't want to hold you back. I know you will make big some day and you know it as well. Just froget about me froget evrything about me. I was never worth your time. But I love you. And don't think for a second you caused any of this because you didn't you were the one who would catch me everytime I was falling.
Love, Charlotte xx'
I couldn't believe what I just read what the fuck was that? I saw more letters and they were all adressed to people. Josh, Jessie, Sapphire, Ashton, Michael, Calum, and even James. I don't know why she had one for James but I guess we will figuer out. I will give these letters to everyone they are adressed to. I walked down stairs and find Jessie on the couch watching something. "Hey J-Jessie what are you watching-g?" I tried choking back sobs it wasn't easy. "Oh just some old home videos when Charlotte was new to this place." She smiled. "Are you okay Luke?" Jessie asked looking at me staring at me dead in the eye her and Charlotte could do that read people like a book. "Here this will explain." I said handing her Charlotte's letter. "Luke what is this?" She asked. "Just read it," I said. "Okay,"
You have always told me to be confident in myself. You never let me go out of the house when I wasn't being me and I love you for that. But leave Josh you have nothing holding you back so leave him please. I really hope you do please for me.
With the deepest love, Charlotte xx'
"S-she's dead," Jessie cried. I don't blame her for a second. "I'm so sorry," I hugged Jessie and asked her. "Is Josh home?" "Yes he-- Josh come down here please." She said up the stair case. "What?" He came down the stairs. "Uh Josh Charlotte died and she wanted this to go to you." I said scared.
Go to Hell.
Sounds like Charlotte. "I have to go run these to a few people she wanted to tell." I said tears still filling my eyes. "Okay thank you Luke and she really did love you." Jessie said crying  . "I know and she really loved you to."
  I arrived at Michael and Calum's place people mainly hang out there. I knock on the door Michael opens the door laughing as soon as he sees me he instantly let's me in and asks "What's wrong Luke?" I see everyone here. "Uh everyone I think it's best if everyone sits down." I say tears streaming down my face again. "Is everything okay Luke?" Sapphire asked holding James. "C-Charlotte wanted me to give you all these." I say and pass each one out.
You are like a sister to me you are always there for me. Keep writing your stories are amazing and you have so much potential. I know James is going to grow up to be an amazing man. I want you to froget me. I was useless and honestly I'm no help at all. I love you so much. But never froget summer '09.
All Love, Charlotte xx'
Okay where do I even start with you. You love to be goofy and weird and that's what James needs. He needs a father and I know you will be there for him. Be something to him that you never had. You are a fantastic drummer keep drumming. And tell your story talk about things that matter and are real not just girls. Froget about me and never ever give up.
Love, Charlotte xx'
We bonded over so many things. We were nerds together. We made sense to each other when we made no sense to other people. You shared so many things with me and I have shared so may tthings with you. We were scrooges together. Please forget about me and make sure that they play one of your songs at my funral because I believe in you guys and love you guys so much.
Love, Charlotte xx
What can I even say? So much has fucking happened. You know you have so much potential with base. Don't hide it. Don't be shy around the people that love you and no matter what remember you are amazing. Please forget me. You have to because I love you.
Love, Charlotte xx'
"How are we suposed to froget Charlotte?" Sapphire was crying. "I don't know but also she left something for James." I handed Sapphire James' letter.
' James,
I don't think you are reading this I bet it's Sapphire if it's Sapphire then please read this alout. I love all of you so much. Here are photos if us if you want them.'
We all took a look at the photo's they were us. There was one of Charlotte and Michael being goofy. One of Sapphire and Charlotte looking confused at one another. One is Charlotte holding James. One is of Ashton and her playing drums. One is of her and Calum kissing Federer. Then the last one is of her and I kissing infront of and icecream shop. All I could think was 'it was all my fault.' 

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