The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


88. Chapter 86

A/N: So hey guys it's new years eve so this chapter will be how Malum met cause writers block is a bitch.

*Years earlier*

Calum's P.O.V.

I was walking to the bus stop to go to school. I tripped over my own two feet when I saw a sight more beautiful than I have ever seen before I saw a boy with dirty blonde hair in a fringe. I walked up behind them and tapped their shoulder. "Yes?" He turned around and I was met with a pair of beautiful dull green eyes. "Um h-hi are you new here?" I asked in a little voice. "Uh yeah I just moved from England." He said with a half smile. "Well nice to meet you I'm Calum," I said sticking my hand out. "Hi Calum I'm Michael," he said taking my hand and shaking it. "Michael do you want to have lunch with me and my friend Luke?" I asked. "Yeah sounds fun," "Move it nerds," Jessie the bitch of the school shoved us away from each other. We met up at lunch I waved Michael over. "Now Luke Michael is so nice and sweet and I kinda like him so keep your big mouth shut on what you think about him!" I said pointing a finger in his face. "Yesh okay mate," "and if you tell Michael I have a crush on him I will tell you know who that you have a crush on her." I said smiling when Michael sat down. "Hey Calum, I think that you might be Luke?" Michael asked  smiling. "Yeah you must be Michael I have heard a lot about you." Luke said smirking. Earing him a kick from me. "Ow," Luke pouted. "What?" Michael asked curiously. "I just hit my leg on the table that's all."

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