The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


80. Chapter 78

Ashton's P.O.V.

I was holding James in my arms. He was the cutest little thing ever. He has Sapphire's eye's and her pail skin. But he had my nose and most of the facial features were the same. A knock on the door arose and James sneezed. Awe. Sorry my inter dad was taking over. "Hey guys come in." Sapphire said moving out of the way to let them in. I saw who it was once they entered. It was Charlotte and Luke. "Well next is you Charlotte." I joked but I didn't expect her to say what she did. "No I hate kids and I don't want kids and yeah not happening." She said really but Charlotte is so good with kids. "Really I figured you wanted kids more than Sapphire." I said my eyebrows knitted together. "Nope," she said popping the 'p'. "Really but you're so good with kids." "Just because I'm good with kids doesn't mean I like them and just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I have to like kids." "Yeah but you're nice so," "I hate kids end of discussion." Charlotte said with an innocent smile. "Whatever so do either of you want to hold James?" I asked the couple. "Yeah can I?" Luke asked excitedly. "Of course," I said chuckling s bit and handing him James. "He's so adorable," Luke said smiling. James put his hand in Luke's mouth we all laughed and Charlotte took a photo. "Charlotte why don't you hold him?" Luke asked Charlotte back away and hands up in surrendered. "No, no, no, no, no, nine damnit you made me start speaking German. That little thing is way to germy no, no, no, no, no, no, no, keep it away from me." Charlotte is a huge germ freak. She has sanitizer with her wherever she goes she puts it anywhere she needs to really Luke accidentally sneezed on her and put sanitizer in her hair she needs help. "Awe aunt Charlotte wants you to be held by her." Luke teased. "Nine! Damnit," Luke put James in her hands. "Okay now Charlotte if you bathe my baby in hand sanitizer I swear I'm going to kill you." Sapphire joked as Charlotte was frowning.

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