The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


70. Chapter 69

Charlotte's P.O.V.

"Hey Charlotte can you come here for a sec." I was in Luke's house he was calling for me to go down stairs since I was upstairs. "Yeah," I called back. "What's up?" I asked as I got back down stairs. "You need to meet the manager so you guys can discuss a few things." Luke said, "Okay," I said and shrugged it off.


Once we got to the office the manager I think his name maybe Paul I have no clue but lets just call him Paul. "You must be Charlotte," Paul said shaking my hand. "Yes I am," I smiled he just rolled his eyes. "Great so I have a few questions for you." "Okay," "Lucas leave," Paul said. "Okay see you in a bit... babe." He said to annoy me. "Don't call me babe," I said pouting. "Okay Charlotte tell me about yourself." "Well I'm a very keep to myself type person I don't like people and I'm adopted I rarely let people in and not much else." "Okay what are some of your proudest accomplishments?" "Not much I have been accepted into the college of my dream I finished high school with all A's never getting a B in my high school life and of course dating Luke." "What words would you use to describe yourself?" "Uh shy, insecure, musical, crazy, weird, stubborn." "What is the most difficult situation you have faced and how have you tackled it?" "Well when I was 14 I was getting put up for adoption. I got into illegal activities and it didn't turn out well for me." "Currant job?" "I don't have one but I occasionally babysit." "What is one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses?" "Strength is being there for others weakness is not letting anyone help me." "Okay thank you can you send Luke in," "Yeah-- Luke come in here," "What?" "Yeah break up with her," "what?! No!" He said. "We can pretend can't we?" I whispered to Luke. "Yeah we will Charlotte I'm breaking up with you." He said.

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