The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


60. Chapter 58

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I was sitting on my couch watching Family Guy. Okay guilty I watch it sometimes is that so bad? I hear my phone ring. The ringtone is Wolves by One Direction. The only reason I have it as a ringtone is because Sapphire picked out her ringtone honestly I hate One Direction. I answer the phone. "Hey Saph what's up?" I ask. "Hey Charlotte can you get Luke and come down to Ashton's place?" She asked it sounds like she's smiling. "Yeah is everything okay?" I ask she is acting weird. "Yeah but Ash and I have some news to tell you." She said still sounding happy. "Did you guys break up again cause I'm not giving any more sympathy." I said tiered of the back and forth with them. "No we didn't now come on and get your ass down here." She said making us both laugh. "Okay I'll be there with Luke in a sec." I said hanging up. I walked over to Luke's house and got him.


 Once we got to Ashton's house Michael was there on the couch smiling talking to Ashton about something. "Hey," I said smiling as I walked up to Sapphire and hugged her. "What do you need to tell us?" I asked wanting to know. "I'm pregnant!" Sapphire squealed. "Oh my god that's amazing Ash your going to be a dad!" Luke yelled and tackled them in a hug. "Hey no harming the baby!" Michael said slapping Luke's hand. "Sorry yesh," Luke said laughing. "Sapphire that's great and all but you need to rationalize I mean yeah it's awesome you are going to have a baby but how are you going to pay for it the hospital bill it's food it's dippers it's cloths housing plus school. I love you guys but just stop and think." I said having kids is expansive. "Charlotte we thought about that I have enough money in my savings account plus my parents would help out with the payment on food and cloths I already asked." I can't disagree with that. "Well than okay congrats guys I love you and ehe!" I squealed at the end. Then I hugged them. When will Calum find out? He gets home in a couple days I'm sure by then. "How far along are you?" I asked. "Oh uh 6 weeks." She said kissing Ashton on the lips.   

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