The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


56. Chapter 54


Michael's P.O.V.

I woke up but something was different there was no one in my arms. Sapphire moved in with Ashton the other day so I had no one to cuddle with and Calum had to go and visit family in New Zealand. Again no one to cuddle with. I pouted to myself. I called Charlotte hoping she was already awake cause she gets pissed if you wake her up same with Luke you know what they are made for each other and so similar it's scary sometimes. "Hello?" A girls voice appeared that wasn't Charlotte's voice. "Uh hi is this Charlotte's phone?" I asked confused who would answer her phone? "Yeah," the person answered. "Who is this and can I speak to Charlotte?" I asked my face filled with bewilderment. "This is Charlotte's sister, Jade, and I don't know can you and who is this?" She asked she sounds like a bitch. "One I had no clue Charlotte had a sister two Can you be less of a bitch and three it's Michael I'm one of her best friends." I said sassily maybe I do spend to much time with Calum oh well. "Fine here she is-- Charlotte here it's someone that must be stupid because they are friends with you." Jade said to Charlotte no wonder she go's insane in that house. "Hey," Charlotte's voice appeared. "Hey Charlotte are you busy today?" I asked. "No you wanna come over since Calum is in New Zealand?" She asked already knowing I was going to say yes. "Please?" I said she laughed and said yeah. "Great I'll be over in a bit." I said grabbing my keys hanging up.


"Hey Michael," Charlotte welcomed me in once I knocked. "Hey why did you never tell me you had a sister?" I asked instantly. "We aren't related I was adopted and she was already here but she's in College her last year she studies in New York." Charlotte explained. "Oh okay so how much do you hate her?" I asked she laughed. "Well she is a total bitch to me but-" she got cut off by Jade. "That bitch wishes she was related to me because she is an ugly piece of shit and my parents just felt bad for her she was just a charity case I mean look at her no one would want her but my parents again felt bad so they bought her." "They didn't buy me," Charlotte defended. "Yeah because if they did then you would come with a return policy and sadly you didn't," Jade long story short is a bitch. "Hey I hear fighting in here!" Jessie came in yelling. "Who started it," Jessie gave that stern mother face. "Charlotte did," Jade instantly said. "Well judging by the hurt in Charlotte's eyes I'm going to say it was you, Jade." Jessie said giving a disappointed look to the two siblings. "Well it's not my fault she's a waste of space!" Jade yelled storming up the stairs. "Charlotte are you okay?" Jessie asked with concern. "Yeah I'm fine she's just being an older sister." Charlotte said shaking it off. "Okay Michael lovely to see you again." Jessie smiled at me. Jade came back down stairs. "Oh and Michael is it? I think you are hot and shouldn't be hanging around someone as ugly as Charlotte why don't we go to my room?" Jade said my eyes went wide when I felt her lips on me I instantly pushed her off of me. "Uh get off of me I have a boyfriend!" I shouted at her. "Ew boyfriend so you're a faggot?!" Jade shouted. "How dare you use that word and yeah I am because I love my boyfriend Calum and hate bitches that think they are better than everyone and think they can step on people to get what they want otherwise known as you!" I shouted and grabbed Charlotte's wrist dragging her out of the door. "Where are we going?" She asked confused. "My apartment," I said shrugging.

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