The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


53. Chapter 51

A/N: Hey guys it's Chloe I wanted to do a holiday update since Michael and Charlotte both hate Christmas. I honestly hate Christmas as well so that's kind of where I got the idea of them hating Christmas. So merry Christmas happy Hanukah happy Cuanza and anything else you celebrate. Happy Holidays love you guys and if you want share a tradition you do or if you hate Christmas or just the holidays comment so I know I'm not alone. This chapter will be a bit different form usual chapters.

Michael's P.O.V.

 Great Christmas morning now I have to go to my parents house. I love my parents and everything but I hate Christmas. I heard a knock on my door I went over to the door to open it. Standing there was Calum we go over to my families house in the morning and his families house in the night they celebrate it then anyways they're weird I don't ask questions about them anymore but then again I can't speak I have my family so yeah. (No clue where I was going with that.) "Hey pup," I said kissing his lips. "Yeah kitten get your presents and let's go." He said standing in the door way. "Wait a sec where's Sapphire?" He asked with knitted eyebrows. "Oh she's spending Christmas with her brother. Her parents are still being stubborn but they are letting her join for the holidays." I said explaining she wanted to go to college that was in Europe and they didn't want that so they kicked her out knowing she would have to stay with one of us in Aus. "Well ready to go kitten?" He asked giving me his hand to go out the door. "Yep but wait look up." He looked up confused. "Wow so cliché," he said looking up at the mistletoe above our heads. "Yeah but you lo-" He cut me off by his lips crashing into mine. "-ve you," he finished my sentence even though that wasn't going to be the end of my sentence. 


We finally reached my parents house. "Hey mum hey dad," I said walking in with Calum right beside me. "Michael Calum!" My mum came in running with her apron on hugging the daylights out of us. "Hey mum," I said looking into her eyes. "Hey Karen," Calum said kissing her cheek. "Well come in you two," she moved over slightly so we could enter. We all sat around the Christmas tree we went in alphabetical order so Calum then my dad then my mum then me. They make me go last every year. It's alright though for Christmas I got Calum a stuff animal puppy because he loves dogs and his nickname is pup. "Michael thank you," he said then kissed my lips. "Okay you two we don't need any little Malum babies running around." My dad joked. "Dad you have to do a lot more than just kiss someone to have a baby." I said laughing. "Hopefully you two haven't done those activities." Mu mum isn't for sex before marriage so yeah. "No we have not." I said in a weird voice. "Okay Michael now it's time for you to open you present." Calum squealed excitedly. "Okay, okay pup," I said laughing. I opened up the present that Calum got me. It was a stuffed lion. "Thank you Calum I will name him Daniel." I said smiling. 


Charlotte's P.O.V.

   I woke up on Christmas morning. Ugh. Christmas was an awful time for me and having Josh remind me of what a no good piece of shit I am. I walked down stairs to find Jessie in the kitchen cooking and Josh drunk. Really already it's 11:00 am. "Good morning hun do you want breakfast?" Jessie asked me as I walked into the kitchen. "Nah I'm good," I said leaning on the counter. "So did Santa bring you anything you wanted?" Jessie asked jokingly. "Well Josh is drunk so nope." I said getting some orange juice. "Okay well the Hemmings invited us over for Christmas." Jessie said smiling. "We can't go Josh is drunk." I said in a whisper-yell. "Honey we have to it would be rude to not go plus don't you want to see Luke your boyfriend?" Jessie asked well more said. "I do but mum Josh is not in a mind to go and meet my boyfriend let alone Luke's family." I said worrying. "H-hey buh bitches!" Josh drunkenly shouted. Oh shit he's pissed. Next thing I knew Jessie was on the floor hissing in pain and Josh was getting ready to hit slap me after he kicked me in the stomach. I winced in pain as his cold dry hands came in contact with my face.


When we got up to Luke's door step I knocked on the door. "Charlotte you're here-- mum the Kinsey's are here!" Luke yelled to his mum. "Oh hello

lovely to see all of you again please come in. Luke show our guest where to put their coats and--oh Charlotte what happened to the side of your face?" All the sudden Josh pinchned the back of my neck meaning you tell what happen you die. "Oh uh I fell down the stairs and landed on my face." I lied I felt bad lying to Liz but I had to. "Be more careful next time idiot." Luke joked. "Yeah I'm the idiot in this relationship." I sassed back. "Okay enough love birds go get comfy in the living room and Josh Andy is in our bedroom getting the presents for the kids so you can go up there and Jessie can you help me in the kitchen?" Liz said. Luke and I went into the living room and he put his arm around me. "Okay listen was it Josh?" He whispered in my ear. "He was a little drunk and got a little mad but it's fine no one had to go to the hospital." I said back to him. "This time but what about next time or the time after that?" He said looking at me in fear. "Luke if it gets to bad then I have ways but I'm fine right now if I tell the police I won't have a place to go I will be on the streets since I'm 19." I explained not wanting to discuss this here. "Fine but come to me whenever you need help I'm here." He said kissing my temple. I turned around kissing his lips. "Was that my Christmas present?" He asked smiling. "Nope," I said cheekily. "Okay everyone time to open presents." Liz shouted. "Charlotte since I love you the most here." Luke said laughing after Ben just acted like Jack. "Well thanks Luke love you to bro," Ben acted hurt. "Just shut up," Luke said laughing and shaking his head in amusement. "Okay god," Ben put his hands up in defense. What they do is they just randomly give people presents and just open them at the same time. "Charlotte here," Luke said handing me a little box. "Open it," he said nudging it towards me. I opened the box to see a heart shaped locket I looked in  the locket and it was a picture of us it was Luke and I. I was kissing him on the cheek and beside us was Michael and Calum kissing then nest to them Sapphire and Ashton were kissing. " I love it Luke," I said to him smiling I kissed him on the lips. I heard a click and stopped the little peck. "Awe so cute," Liz had just taken a picture of us kissing yep that's not embarrassing. "Muuuuuummmm!" Luke whined.   

A/N: So one more time merry Christmas happy Hanukah happy Cuanza and anything else you celebrate. Happy Holidays love you guys and if you want share a tradition you do or if you hate Christmas or just the holidays comment so I know I'm not alone. I love you guys so much and thank you for reading this and I will update later.

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