The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


52. Chapter 50

A/N: What the fuck 50 fucking chapters I love you guys so much.


Charlotte's P.O.V.

   Michael invited Luke and I to his house Calum will be there as well. But I'm worried about Ashton and Sapphire. I know they made up and all but it's Ashton and Sapphire they are never predictable. I really hope this goes with no drama.


Once we got to Michael's place we sat all of our stuff down. "Hey guys uh Luke Calum is playing Fifa Ashton is in the kitchen working on the meal since I can't cook for shit and Charlotte come with me." Michael said a bit weirdly. "Okay..." I responded a bit scared letting go of Luke's hand. "What Michael," I huffed. "I may have a tiny winey crush on Sapphire." He looked down in shame. "Again with you and Sapphire come on listen I love both of you to death but not happening not again you love Calum and she loves Ashton. You guys can't keep doing this trying to get each other when things are finally working out in both of your relationships." "I know but we sleep in the same bed almost every night we have kissed twice and we are best friends." "Best friends yes but do you really want a relationship with her she's amazing and everything but think about how it would be if you to broke up or how bad it would hurt Calum and Ashton. Think about how much you love Calum. Think if you would even love her as much as you do Calum. Don't do this you're only going to make things worst. Now I don't know why people insist on coming to me with drama but why don't you just kiss Calum or cuddle him or whatever and stop giving your petty drama to me because guess what other people have shit going on besides yourself. Sorry Mikey I didn't mean it but it's not a good idea to date Saph okay?" "Yeah okay sorry uh dinner should be about done but what's wrong you've seemed to be a bit on edge lately then you just kinda yelled at me." "Listen when I was 14 I had to move her from Belgium leaving everything that I had left. My mother died and my father complete and utter asshole so when I came here I trusted no one I let no one in I still rarely let people in but I thought maybe just maybe I wouldn't have to explain the scares on my wrist or the lack of words that come out of my mouth or the bruises that formed all over my body. I was wrong. Same excuses every time 'oh just my stupid cat' or 'uh no reason I just don't have much to say' or my most commonly used one 'oh just fell clumsy me' all lies. But now I'm  in the same fucking situation the same shit is still happening. I've been bullied since I was 9 I got shoved into lockers beat in the school yard every single day. I started cutting when I was 12 when people started telling me to go kill myself on Christmas when I was 13 was my 4 attempt at suicide that time I was caught by my dad who thought cutting was only for attention seekers and depression was all an act to just get attention he called a mental hospital and I was in there for 3 months that's how I spent my Christmas and that's why I hate Christmas well one of them. I told you more about myself than I have ever told anyone." "Charlotte does Josh abuse you?" "To put it in a nicer way than what actually happens yes." "Charlotte my reasons are close to your reasons for hating Christmas I started cutting I stopped eating everything came crumbling down so I get why you are upset and please note that I love you and so does Cal and Ash and Saph and especially Luke we all love you to much to see you hurt." He eloped me in a hug I hugged him right back it was comforting to know that someone who I trusted understands me. "Hey guys it's dinner time we finally gave up on trying to cook pasta and just ordered pizza." Sapphire came in laughing. "Okay we're coming," Michael answered. He kissed my forehead and hugged me before we left.

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