The Truth?

The truth is always something Charlotte had trouble with. Not because she got in trouble a lot but she was afraid of being hurt, bullied, neglected. She has had all of those things happen to her before. She never thought she could trust anyone until one day she bumps into the boy next door.


33. Chapter 31

A/N: Man, I feel like I'm spoiling you people. Chloe just kept bugging and bugging me to update yet again so here ya'lls go!


*Ashton's POV*


I walked into Saphire's hospital room and looked up at her to see her bruised and wires sticking to her in all different directions. I feel tears fill my eyes and a few escape. I look over and see Michael sitting in a chair by the bed looking at her. I sigh and sit in the other chair on the other side of the bed. I see Michael look up at me then back at her. I grab her tiny hand and say "What happened?" Michael sighed and said "She had called me and she sounded like she was crying and she was saying 'he cheated on me. he cheated on me.' then I heard a screech and her screaming then a boom and I got really worried because I heard people screaming and then the line went dead. The policed called me back since I was the last person she talked to and told me she was here." 

I felt tears falling down my cheeks more and saw tears falling down Michael's cheeks. I looked back at her and whispered "Please, don't leave me please."

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