It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


11. The Truth (part two)


​I didn't understand what was going on.

​All I knew was that Michael was laying on the floor, unconscious, I might add. Calum was unsurprised at Michael's out lash. I lifted my hand to my face.

​ I felt the wet streaks of tears flowing down my face. I was ashamed. I tried to hold back the sobs, but the longer I held onto it, the harder it was for me to breath.

​Calum looked at me and started pacing.

​"I guess I should start at the beginning. Micheal, well he is a great guy," he said. I let out a snort.

​He glance at me, "You have to let me finish before you can understand...Okay... Here goes... So Mikey has a... Condition. That's what people call it anyway. He... Well... God this is hard. So when he was about, maybe seven or eight, him and his twin brother were playing. They were climbing around on this old oak tree in his front yard. His brother was not very... Kind. Mikey didn't know it, he still doesn't accept it, but his brother tried to push him of the high branch of the tree. Well, as his brother tried to push him, Nicholas twisted to the side a bit to hard and fell himself. He, um, he died on impact."

​I was confused. What did this have to do with the way Michael was acting. He must have seen my confused look because he gave a small sad smile before continuing.

​"A year after violent acts and bullying, he was sent to s psychologist. His parents thought that he was trying to make up for his brother being gone. Or dead I should say. When he explained that he didn't remember doing the mad acts, the doctors had him examined. They determined that he had dissociative identity disorder, or more known as, multiple personality disorder. He seemed to be trying to bring his brother back in a way."

​"For a while he- Nicholas- seemed to go away. He was... In love. Then she got into a freak 'car accident'. That's when he decided to got to The Academy. He joined me on the force. That's when Ol' Nick decided to come back hot and heavy. Poor Mikey."

​I could tell that Calum loved Michael as a brother, and he would do anything for him. That's why he was still here.

​When I finished that thought, I heard a groan from the floor. Michael-I think Micheal- started to get up.

​He glanced up at me and my teary eyed face and went extremely pale, much paler than he already was anyway.

​"Did he tell you...?" He asked.

​I nodded and he fell back against the ground with a sigh. I'm not sure if it was real, but I think I saw a tear fall from his eye.


​Hey guys I missed you <3

​I give special thanks to Faded Colors for helping me out. My baby cousin has been really sick and she was keeping yall updated on the story, so send her some love. I hope to be able to keep updating my stories myself, but my cousin is getting a spinal tap, an ei, and her bone marrow sampled so yeah. Love you and missed you

​huggs and kisses


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