It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


2. Chapter two- the guest


    I hit my head on a root causing me to come back to my reality. The reality that I'm stuck. I'm never getting away. 

    He stops walking and drops my ankle. "Get up! Now!" He yells at me.

    I scramble to stand. I stumble twice on the way to my feet. Finally he pulls me up by my hair to make me stand. He pulls me to the door of the house he keeps me in.

    The house looks nice on the outside, but on the inside it's hell. It's a three story brick building, with clean white painted shutters. You can see the lavender curtain of "my room." All of the other curtains are a soft blue. The house has a thick white trim. It has a wooden porch that I could see someone's grandmother sitting in a rocking chair on. But once you have been forced to endure the house you realized that the only grandmother to ever enter the house is Red Riding Hood's grandmother, who was even by the wolf. 

    Luke unlocks the door and shoves me in, closing the or behind us. The room is painted white just you can see pink splatters on the lower of the wall. He starts to walk up the stairs, an I have no choice but to fallow. 

    As the toe of my shoe hits the top of the bottom step, I hear footsteps on the porch. I stop. I slowly start shifting my way to the closest window. When I get close enough I glance out. No one I there. I can't  help but feel my heart fall. It has been almost a year. I am now seventeen if someone were going to look for me they would have found me already.

    "Lapis! Come! Now!" I glance out the window one more time before running up the steps. I reach the purple door. It "my room", the room that I live in. It's the torture room.

    I twist the doorknob and slowly push the door open. With my head down I walk to him. He slips his index finger under my chin. I felt like I was in a romance movie. He pulled my face up to look into my eyes. I fluttered my eyelashes. It was hard not to stare into his Aqua blue eyes. All I saw a how eyes. 

    That's why it was so surprising to feel the sharp sting of his hand across my cheek. I could see that my visible shock and pain was enjoyable to him. 

    He pushed me to the bed and told me to sit and stay. I did as I was told. I would already get punished severely for what I have done today. 

     He left the room, only to come back in less than five minutes later. He had things in his hand. A metal tipped whip, a small hunting knife, and a leather collar with a razor edge on he inside.

    He looked at me with a wide smile. "This is why you're so fun. Just when you were starting to get boring, you spice it back up again. Ha! It's delicious."

    I feel my eyes welling up. What is he going to do with me when I break? When I'm "boring"? 

    Stop it Lapis. Focus on now. Focus on the game. Don't let him hurt you.

    He makes me kneel and face toward the bed. I hold my wrists up to the post. I ear him rummaging through the nightstand to find his rope. He binds my wrist to the post. Luke grabs his hunting knife and starts cutting my shirt from the bottom up. Then he cuts the the sleeves so it just falls of. Luke unhooked my bra strap. I heard him lifting the metal tipped whip off the carpeted floor. I tensed and I could practically feel his smile at my misery. 

    "Count, let's see how much you can take."

    He shook the whip. I heard the razor tips clanging together. I didn't realize I was crying until a loud sob escaped my throat. 

    "Aww. Baby don't cry, the fun hasn't even started yet."

    He laughed. 



    Three times.

    I managed to keep my voice flat and void of any emotion. I heard him pull his arm back to swing again, but the pain never came.

    He looks to me. 

    "Is someone here?" He asks me.

    I shake my head. Then I recall the footsteps on the porch. My eyes blow wide. Maybe someone is here. They could save me!

    He smiles at me and tells me not to get my hopes up. He puts the whip down. He then picks up the collar and latches it around my neck. Every move I make causes the blade inside to cut the skin around my neck. He pulls a small lock out of his pocket and positions it on the latch so I can't take it off.

I can hear his slow, heavy ascent down the stairs. 

I hear a unfamiliar voice. 

"'Ello I was wondering if you would allow me to stay for the night? My mate, uh, he found a lady in town, and I would rather not listen to that." The person sounded male, but had a thick accent that I couldn't quite place.

"I am willing to let you say as long as you keep off of the second floor. I am Luke Hemmings. Your name?"

He's going to stay a whole night??? Maybe he will save me!

"Calum Hood. My name is Calum Hood."

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