It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


4. Chapter three- callings

    Calum Hood. What a peculiar name? Luke will leave tonight. Maybe he will help me!?

    "Calum, I will have to leave for about an hour. I have to get some stuff for dinner. Do you like spaghetti?" I hear Luke's soft voice.

    "Spaghetti would be fine, thank you."

    "I will be back in an hour. Do NOT go to the second floor." I could practically hear the glare in Luke's voice, "Lapis, come clean up down stairs."

    I slowly creep downstairs, I don't want to seem too eager.

    I peak my head around the corner to see the man.

    He was tall, he had an Asian look to him. He had puffy dark hair. He's eyes were a warm, dark caramel. His face seems so kind. Every couple of seconds he crinkles his nose. He looks confused.

    I realized that I had forgotten to to put a shirt back on. I ran upstairs and pulled on a purple tank top. When I had finished I softly padded back downstairs.

    "Calum this is my girlfriend, Lapis. Lapis, this is Calum Hood. He will be staying tonight due to.... An unfortunate roommate issue. I shall be leaving now. Oh, and Lapis, do behave for our guest." With that Luke turned on his heel and was out the door. 

    "Good evening Lapis...," Calum mumbled, blushing slightly.

    "Good evening, sir," I replied.

    "May I ask you a question, Lapis?"

    I nod, causing the collar to cut fairly deep. I feel the blood start to crawl down my neck. My eyes blow wide. I try to cover it with my sleeve.

    "Do you know of the gir- Lapis? Lapis, are you okay? Lapis your bleeding! Why?" He comes closer and pulls my arm away from my neck. "Lapis did Luke do this to you?"

    I look down causing another cut, and more blood to flow. 

    "Lapis, I am an officer of the law, if you want me to call this in I will. Then you can leave," he whispers. He cradles my face in his hands.

    My head whips up. I can't nod fast enough. I can feel more and more cuts being formed, but I don't care. I want to leave. 

    He stops me and pulls out a phone.

    "This is officer Hood. I am at a cabin in Secrate. I have a girl, caucasian, about 18, maybe younger. We have a possible 207. The suspect is possibly armed and severely dangerous. Ha e a medical on sight for when I return. There is no backup needed." He listened for a bit then he put his phone back in his pocket.

    Hi looks at me, "I don't know how to get that thing of of you with out hurting you too badly. But for now we have to leave before he comes back."

    As soon as he finished talking, I heard the door of Luke's truck slam shut. 

    Calum tells me to go hide in the kitchen. He slowly pulls a gun out of his boot and tucks it in the back of his waist band.

     I do as he asks and go into the kitchen. I hear the door creak open. 

    "That was a fast trip to the store. Is something wrong?" I heard Calum ask.

    "I had the sudden feeling that my girl was betraying me! Lapis! Where the HELL are you?! What did you tell him? I heard what he said on the police scanner!" Luke screamed. I peaked around he was walking around the room. He stopped and looked at Calum, "Did you let her leave?!"

    Luke grabbed the front of Calum's shirt and shoved him against the wall. I heard him struggling to get free. Luke was hurting him. I couldn't let him get hurt because of me.

    "Luke, I'm right here. I didn't run away again. Everything is okay."

    He let go of Calum and whipped around. I looked into his eyes and he looked so scared.  He looked as if he had been crying. It worried me.

    "Lapis, you CANNOT leave. Don't you dare leave. EVER!" Luke's face went from fearful to angry as hell, "You will have to be punished again!"

    I was starting to shake my head when I heard Calum's gun go off. 

    Luke's eyes went wide, then he fell to the floor. I let out a high pitched scream. A patch of  red started spreading across his shoulder.

    Calum grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house. That was the only thing I knew anymore. He pulled me into a hug and told me that everything was going to be okay. I looked over his shoulder. 

    What I saw amazed me. Luke was standing there watching us. The insane part is that he was crying. He looked straight at me. He held his hand up and flicked his wrist in a wave a couple of times. I raised me hand, then turned my back to him. 

    Calum grabbed my raised hand and pulled me into the woods. I started crying out in pain because of the collar. He slowed down and looked at me.

    "Shit, you can't run with that on you. I have to call someone," Calum said. 

    He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. Right before the person picked up Calum put it on speaker.

    "Calum, mate, I was in the middle of something with Nessi." A male voice said. In the background you can here a girl call out Nickie.

    "Yeah, yeah, I know. I wouldn't be interrupting if it wasn't serious," Calum said blushing slightly.

    "I'm listening," the man on the other end said.

    "I have a girl here who needs to be taken to the station immediately. She is bleeding heavily. I need you to come pick us up. We are by A87."

    I heard the man on the other end sigh. " I will be there as soon as possible."

    "Lapis! Lapis come back! I promise i won't punish you this time! Lapis!" I heard Luke screaming for me. 

    "I can't," is all I say before I start running.

    "Lapis, no! Hurry up, mate!" With that Calum hung up and took off after me.

    I run as fast and hard as I can. I feel the razor cutting deeper and deeper into my neck. Everything start to go dark around the edges.

    I look around frantically. I find a shallow hole in the ground, so I run over and hide in it. I cover myself with fallen leaves.

    Once I think that I'm invisible enough I let myself relax. 

    I fall peacefully into the darkness.

    The last thing I hear is Calum and a man calling my name.


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