It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


1. Chapter one- the beginning

    I'm running. I can't see anything. It is so dark. I trip over a branch and something grabs my ankle harshly. I can feel my self being dragged backwards. Back to that horrible place. I close my eyes, just to feel the comfort of having a memory that isn't painful. My first thought was my old home.

    My parents are both lawyers,so we lived very comfortably. We had twenty rooms in our main house. We also had houses in France, Greece, and Chile. Those were only for vacations though. We had a pool at our main house. And a kart track, golf field, and a volley ball pit.

    I had always kept my room some shade of purple, but somehow I repainted ever year at the beginning of winter. I had always thought that my mum foresaw that my favorite color would be purple an that's why she named me Lapis.

    But that was before everything. That was before the fire. That was before the school. That was before him. 

    On the night of my fifteenth birthday someone broke in to my house. They stormed in and tied me to a chair. My parents begged to take my place. When I yelled a them not to the man agreed. He laughed in my face as he tied them up. 

    He tied my wrists to the door ad mad me watch as tied my willing parents to our dining room chairs. He shot my father in the head. The he proceeded to douse my mum wt lighter fluid.  He lit a match and wrapped my hand around it and forced me to stick it in the flammable puddle.

After the puddle caught, he dragged me out of the house and tie me to a tree. He wouldn't let me go in to save her. He wouldn't let me go in to die. He wouldn't let me walk away. He wouldn't let me walk away. He would only let me watch.

    He manage to leave without me noticing. It didn't take long in real time for the police to arrive, but for me it felt like hours had gone by as I watched my home and my mother and my fathers body all crumble before me.
    I was taken to the school. The school for the wired kids. The school for the kids no one wanted. The school for kids with the special circumstances. Every single kid that had gone there had a reason. That reason was simple, foster care wanted nothing to do with them. Most of them had gone to court for their own parents murder. Few that were convicted criminals were let into the school.

    The school is were I met him.

    His name was Luke Hemmings. He was amazingly perfect. He had a bad boy air to him, with his pierced lip and punk rock T-shirts. His pink, kissable lips were always in a captivating smirk. His aqua eyes were framed by his long lashes. His blond hair pushed into a perfectly positioned quiff. All in all he was dreamy. 

    The only odd thing about him was his appeal towards me. I mean sure I have long black hair with some frosty colors mixed in, but still this god of a boy taking interest in an orphaned punk rock girl? I didn't ask why I just went with it. 

    No one said no to Luke. Never I history had it happened. Maybe I liked having someone to dominate my life. It was fun taking risks.

    I shouldn't have. I should have been the first to say no. Or maybe I was stuck either way. It's o late to know now.

    Because I met him at the school for children orphaned under certain circumstances, I wanted to know his story. Everyone there had a story. That is, everyone but him, that anyone knew anyway.... I met kids like me who had parents die in murderous fires. Some parents were just plain murdered. I asked Luke many times what happened to his parents. He would just give me his trademark smirk and say, "Something that was amazingly horrible." 

    Soon I just stopped asking, if he didn't want to talk about his past I wouldn't make him. I had better things to worry about. After almost a year of taking classes at that school Luke asked me to go on a date with him. I agreed. I was delighted. Now I wish that I had thought more. 

    We went to a little local diner. He ordered us both peanut butter and waffles with maple syrup. I thought it would be gross, bit it turned out to be amazing. 

    He took me back to my dorm and kissed me lightly on my lips. I was in heaven. 

    We went on many more dates like that. But they slowly got more and more erotic. 

    The last date we had was out of control. That's when things got bad. He had come to my dorm to pick me up and instead of going to the movies like we had planed, he took me to his dorm room. He said he had forgotten something. He took me inside and said I should sit on the couch. 

    I did as he asked. He had walked into another room. About five minutes had past when I heard a rustling from the room. He called out to me. I walked to the room cautiously, not knowing what to expect. 

    Something pushes me from behind and I collapse on the ground. My arms are pulled behind me and zip tied together. I start getting flashes of the night my parents were murdered. Flashes of me on the stand handcuffed to the table next to the judge.

    I hear Luke whispering into my ear, "You will now and forever be mine."

    He puts a damp cloth over my mouth. It starts to get harder to struggle. It starts to get harder to keep my eyes open. It starts to get harder to stay aw....

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