It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


9. chapter 9- Bridget the Bitch


I woke up with a strange feeling I then feel body heat radiating into me I look down and theirs a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I then turn my body to put a face in the mystery arms. I look over and see Calum.

Up was shocked but surprisingly calm. I easily and quietly untangled myself from his arms. He was still asleep I went downstairs and walked into the kitchen for breakfast. I noticed a spatula on the floor and uncooked food.

I cleaned up the kitchen throwing out the uncooked food which has gone bad. I got out ingredients from the fridge and made some pancake batter. I made pancakes. I found some bacon in the back of the fridge and fried some of it too. 

After I was almost done with the food on the last pancake a groggy looking Calum walked downstairs his hair messed up.

"You can cook?" He ask sitting down at the island.
"Yeah.. my mom taught me."
"Oh that's cool..."
"Yeah....." I reply. "So um why we're you in my bed this morning?" I decide to ask the subject was really bugging me. And I thought if I don't ask now I never will. He chuckles lightly before responding.

"Well I was down here cooking and I heard screaming and it turned out you were having a night terror so I tried to calm you down...and I uh feel asleep. I'm sorry."
"Night Terror?"
"Oh ok thank you calum. What would you like to eat?"
"A few pancakes and a strip of bacon please." he says smiling again at me. I smile back and set his plate in front of him.

After breakfast I clean up the plates and go over to the sink to wash them. I'm washing the plates when I hear the door open and close pretty loudly. I try to ignore it but soon. Feel a presence enter the room.

"What the Hell is this!" I turn around to see Michael holding his girlfriend's clothes.

"I-I it wasn..."
"Is all you know how to do I stutter!!"
"I- I'm sorry." I say just proving his point at me stuttering.
"Yeah I bet the fuck you are." He says leaving with the clothes In his hands. And walking back out the door.

I feel water trickle my eyes I don't know why it's just I'm emotional when it comes to people yelling at me. I hear someone clear their throat behind me I see Calum standing there. He opens his arms and I run into him. 
"I'm sorry." I tell him. 
"For what. I was the one who threw the clothes away."
"Yeah but I let you. And I'm not even supposed to be here."
"Hey hey hey don't say that. If you weren't here I don't know where I would want you at."
"Its okay" He says hugging me tighter.

......THE NEXT DAY.....


I woke up and checked my phone I sighed annoyed it's been a day I woke from one of my blackouts but this time it felt different. This wasn't my bed.....I looked over at my side and their she was.
"Bridget." I groaned mentally slapping myself.
"Yeah babe."
"You can't keep doing this to me."
"But it's not you." She replies with a shrug getting up from the bed.
"Technically it is." I mumbled gathering my clothes and getting ready to head back to the place with Calum


Sorry short chapter this chapter and chapter ten are filler chapters.

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