It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


8. chapter 8-Night Terror

We arrive at what looks to be a fairly large house five-six bedrooms at most. I get out of the car and follow closely behind Mikey he unlock his door and their is a girl sitting on his couch wearing clothes of which i presume arent hers they are fairly larger more of a males. Im guessing she was Mikeys lovely girlfriend.

"where have you been." She whines probably not noticing me and i couldn't blame her, ive never really been noticed before why start being visible now.

I stand not to far away from Mike well more like clutching on to his back.

"Work." He replies simply 
"Then who's that?!" The girl says angrily pointing her finger accusingly at me.
"I-I I'm sorry." I stutter I let go of the back of Mikeys coat. And run back outside. I was worried, I was. But I knew I had made a mistake once I heard him.

"On your feet now B.itch lets go." His harsh voice said out of no where a hand grabs me roughly.

"No please Luke don't. No please dont hurt me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I wallow he doesn't listen though his grip only gets rougher around my arm. I'm dragged over to a car, but fighting the entire time.

"Shut up Lapis you crossed the line. Your going to be so fucking sore." He smirked at the last part and I wanted to throw up. He was disgusting but I knew he could make my life miserable. He already has.

"Put her down!! NOW!" I heard a voice say I turned my head and saw Calum with a gun in his hands pointing it straights at Luke a few yards away. I was relieved only to be filled with sheer terror once agai.

Luke immediately seeing this pushed me in front of him as a shield I sobbed. Calum looked defeated but stayed his ground. He looked determined.

"I SAID PUT HER DOWN!" He yelled loudly I continued to sob a knife was now at my throat. Luke wasn't joking I could already feel the freshly sharpened blade against my skin.

"I wouldn't be like that Cal, I'm the one who has her. Oh and look what I can do." The knife was dragged slowly across the side of my neck making a slit. I held my sobs in as much as I could my lips sucked into my mouth as tears streamed down my face.

Just then Calum took his shot the bullet went between my legs and landed in Luke's leg. He fell to the ground immediately. The knife was dropped and I ran over to Calum as quick as I could. I jumped into his arms and sobbed his back up officers took Luke into custody.

"Hey hey hey shhh its ok lapis your fine. I've got you don't worry I won't let you go again." His voice soothed me I quit sobbing but I held tightly on to his neck. His hand on my lower back to support me. He walked back towards the house that him and Micheal shared and as soon as he walked in he started yelling.

"What the fuck!!!" Michael separated his lips from his girlfriend's and lifted her off the counter. And looked at Calum who was steaming.

"What. That's all you have to fucking say I told you not to let her out of your sight. And you k ow where I found her, in the arms of Luke who had a Damn knife on him and all's you have to say is what!!" Calum screamed at Micheal. Michael looked over at me worriedly. I walked into a bathroom. That I saw when I walked in not saying a word.

Who knew my angel was a demon in disguise.

I cleaned my semi deep knife would on my neck he hadn't put if on any major blood vessels or arteries so it was fairly easy to get the blood to slow. Their was a pair of clothes in the bathroom.
It was a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. In their I stripped of the unknown woman's clothes and hoped into the shower. I turned on the water letting the hot water hit my sores.

After I got out I put on one of the guys sweats. I had a bandage on my neck and was in oversized clothes It also didn't help that I looked as I felt and that's like shit. 

I found a brush lying on the counter and brushed the tangles out of my wet hair. I walked out of the bathroom with the woman's clothes neatly folded in my arms I walked up and saw Calum sitting at the island.
"Where do these go...?" I ask lowly. He looked up from his cup. And meet my eyes then they travelled to my neck 
"Dont worry it's cleaned up I won't get blood on your clothes."

His eyebrows furrowed for a minute then his eyes landed on the woman's clothes 
"Here." He held out his hands for the clothes I gladly handed them to him. He walked over to the trashcan and dumped them in there. 

"I'm not worried about you getting blood on my clothes I was just wondering if you were alright " he said slowly he came up to me and traced his finger over the bandage.

"May I ?" He ask I nodded slowly. He lifted the bandage off of my neck. He examined it for a minute then reclosed it softly. His eyes looked soft. 

"Where should I sleep?" I ask.

"Umm follow me."I followed him up a set of stairs. He stopped after a few doors. And opened the door it revealed a medium sized room. It was really neat. 

"If you need me I will be in the room right next door ok?" I nodded my head.

"Where is Micheal?" I ask he looked uncomfortable at the question but sighed then answered.

"Uh he kind of got mad and went to stay the night with his girlfriend." I bored my head. 

"Thank you." I said to him. His eyes seemed to lighten I hugged him tightly as he did the same back to me.

"If you need anything and I mean anything you just say my name. Ok?" I nodded.

"I will bring some food up later." He said and closed the door behind him.

It was late at night I saw Luke staring at me 'your mine now sweetheart.' He whispered near my ear. He put the blade collar back on me and locked it. I was thrown into a dark room I could see nothing all's I heard was Luke's voice coming closer and closer to me. 'you disobeyed me. Now you get your punishment.'


I was downstairs making some food when I randomly heard something that startled me. It was.. screaming? In panic I hurriedly turn off the burner and drop the spatula and run up and check on Lapis. I reach her door the screaming was louder.I open the door and their she was laying on her bed. Fidgeting like she was running she kept screaming. She was having a night terror.

I run over to her and climb on the bed and hold her close to me I whisper in her ear. "I'm here now ,your safe." She seems to relax a bit. I hold her close to my body. As I feel her heart rate calm down she snuggles Into my chest I relax knowing she's okay,and before I know it I'm asleep too.


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