It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


7. Chapter 7- Hospital



I don't remember much about how it happened but what I do remember is fuzzy. I remember him, my angel, come to me. He saved me. His name is Mikey, or at least that's what Calum calls him. I'm in the car right now I'm light headed, probably lyrics from the blood loss. I tilt my head to look down at my hands but regret it when the blade cuts deeper in to my neck. I yelp out in pain a few tears roll down my cheek. 

"Dont move, it will make it worse." Calum whispers to me. I want to nod, but I was smarter than that.  I didn't say anything I just looked straight ahead towards the unfamiliar roads. My hazy of the day I was brought here. I was 16 years old, that's when I was Luke's property. I was claimed by him. 

In a time of about 10 minutes we arrived outside of a hospital. Calum helped me out carefully so I didnt move suddenly. I held on to his hand as we walked Into the hospital. My appearance caught the eye of a few nurses immediately. They took a hold of me. I was a little resistant to leave the grip of Calum because I felt safe. He nodded for me to go ahead though so I followed his orders.

The nurse lead me to a room In the back. My movements were so restricted I probably looked like a rusty old toy you would find in the attic. But the pain of the cuts were now setting in and I was afraid if I lost anymore blood than I would pass out....again. 

"Wow how did this happen?" The nurse asks eyeing the collar around my neck. I kept my mouth shut. It felt better than answering the questions.

"Do you talk?" She ask. I stayed silent I didn't move.

"Are you stupid or something?" She ask prying into me. But once again I didn't answer it was to much of a struggle to explain.

"Are you just mute?"

"Maybe your deaf?"

"I don't Know I give up."

"Can you talk?"

"If you can please explain how I can get this off." I thought for a second if I should reply to the woman. She was obviously a bitch. But for my sake to get this off I replied so lowely. It was like hearing a pen drop in the quietest stadium.

"Key." That's all I said I refused to answer anymore questions she obviously got the point after a while if continuously asking questions that if which I wouldn't answer.

She came back in about 5 minutes after leaving the room. I hadn't moved. Hell I've barely breathed. I was stiff as a board. She sighed and shook her head. Following her was Calum, then Mikey.

"Mikey, Calum ." I say just a little louder than when I talked to the nurse Mickey turns to me and smiles, he has a pair of clothes in his hand and a kit of something in the other. 

Calum then takes the clothes out of his hands and Mikey walks over to me. He opened she the kit as his hand comes in contact with my neck I flinch which causes previous wounds to open and spill blood again.

"Shh. You're okay Lapis. I'm helping. Now you've got to stay still. Ok?" 

"Okay" I say weakly. His hands go back up to my neck where he fiddles with the lock and tools from his kit I then hear the most relieving sound I've heard all day other than My name is Calum Hood. 

A click the click indicating that the collar was now unlocked. The nurse then takes over. She slowly removes the blade collar that was intended into my skin. I feel the pain deepening when she takes the blades out. The pace of the blood then begins to rappen. I feel dizzy and then I fall. Everything goes black.

I wake to hear a beeping. My eyes shoot open at the unfamiliar surroundings I jerk forward only to regret everything the pain of my neck takes over that's when everything that has happened already take over.  I lay back down easily, and look to my side Mikeys asleep in a chair beside the bed. I see a note that was supposed to be for Mikey but was from Calum.  The note reads:

       Micheal take care of Lapis. I have to go find this Luke who's done this to her. Make sure she doesn't get hurt and watch for her as if she was the most precious thing left on earth.

    And most importantly of all, make sure Luke goes no where near her. Unless  don't get to him first.         -Calum :)


I set the note down and look towards Mickey. I whisper to him to wake him up but it doesn't seem to do anything so I find one if those lounge pressers on the drawer beside me I through it at him. He jumps in alert then relaxes when he realizes it was only me 

He grips his chair moving it closer to the bed

"Your awake." He says I nod in response.

"When did Luke get you?" I have to think about it for a minute then I reply to him 

"Over a year." I say he looks at me in shock."How long do I have to stay in here?" I reply quickly after I didn't find it 'safe' in the hospital. Mickey looks down at his watch then gets up and I see him talk to a nurse.the gestures his hand over to my little cubical area. He then nods and returns.

"You can leave when your ready. When you are tell me because I've got you a pair of clothes to change into." I nod and the nurse comes over to me she removes my IV and Mickey pulls the curtain closed then pulls out the clothes

"Get dressed." He tells me without thinking I throw my gown off. He looks in shock as he stares at my body. 

"I-I uh-huhmm." He quickly diverts his eyes and walks out the curtain. I get dressed I a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and a shirt that is shorter I the front then longer in the back. The thin soft material covers my body. I walk out and he's getting done with Paper work. He looks at me then back down. 

"We should um get going." He says walking out of the hospital. I follow him.

"Where did you get these clothes?"

"I uhmm my girlfriend left them at my house. You guys looked about the same size and your other clothes were covered in blood. Soo..yeah."

"Oh. Ok. Thank you." He nods his head as we drive over to what I presume is his house.




​This was my first chapter writing please tell me what you think and go check out my other books --Bunny* 

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