It's a Micheal Clifford fan fic. Don't get me wrong about the story I love Luke.... Won't say any more. Just read it. ��


10. chapter 10- The Truth (Part one)


I walk into the house that me and Calum share. I see Lapis sitting at the island eating yogurt. I smile and approach her.

"Hey." I say kindly. She looks at me and her eyes shift into a state of...fear?

"Look I'm really sorry but you need to understand I wasn't the one who did it ok?" I was really confused by this point. I need to talk to Calum maybe he knows what's going on.

"'s ok." I say to get out of their sooner. I walk up the stairs and walk into Calums room he's sitting on his bed looking like he just woke up.

"Yea. Um Cal what's going on?"

"Uhhg he did it. She doesn't know about him and he kinda blew up .but I mean I can tell it's you your whole face is the same but different."

"Shut he ruins everything. I Need a nap dude. I will explain everything to her after my nap."



After Michael went to take a nap I went downstairs I found Lapis sitting on the couch watching a movie it was (insert funny movie later) 

"May I join?"
"Sure." She says. She was really nice and down right gorgeous. I take a seat next to her. We were so close our legs were fully touching. I smile down at her. 

Parts of the movie she would be laughing so hard. I liked the way her nose would scrunch up as she laughed. She started laughing so hard she snorted a few times. Which got me laughing.

I don't know how it happened but I had ended up on the floor laughing. I wiped my tears and stayed on the ground for a little bit.

"Do you need help up?" Lapis ask me. 
"Yes." I said automatically. She stuck out her hand and I pulled her down with me. She landed on my chest I was laughing so hard.
"Y'know I'm usually the one on top." I wink at her. Her face flushes a deep red and I flip us over. 
"Thats better." I say joking before I know it she knees me in the balls.
"Oh fuck." I groan.
"Now that's better." She said standing up I sat on floor groaning holding my nuts. 
"I was joking." I say.
"I know."
I soon hear a voice booming down the stairs. 
"Oh look at the Whore!" Shit I think he's back.
"Fuck, Micheal!"
"Oh and the one who thinks I ruin everything!" He walks up to me and grabs the front of my shirt.
"Do it! I yell he punches me multiple times but I don't fight back I know better then that by now.

"Stop it!" I hear Lapis yell. Michael walks away from me and walks up to Lapis. She looks scared but she stands her ground.
"The bitch standing up for the douche bag. Honey you could do better." I see him pin her against a wall
"A lot better." 

My body was aching I stand up my vision blurry but I grab the bat and hit the back of Michaels head harD enough to make him pass out. I just hope when he wakes up he's actually himself.

I look at Lapis she looks relieved but yet confused. 
"We need to talk." I say. She nods her head agreeimg

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