Falling for the bad boy (lrh)

"He's no good for you" she screamed.

"You don't know what good for me" I screamed back.

"He won't change" she screamed I could see the anger in her eyes.

"I can change him" I screamed tears streaming down my face


16. shaking

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Kendall's P.O.V

We finally do shed stretching and now the boys were on the bleachers watching us practice since we did it for them and now they are all sweaty. 2 boys were on the sides just I case someone falls it was Luke and Anthony.

"Alright girls capital on the top on the pyramid" said the coach, I flipped onto the top (idk how that works).

"Stacey be very careful and try not to move or drop Kendall" said the coach.

Stacey's P.O.V

"This is my chance to end Kendall's chances for being permanently captain" I let one hand go and fake sneezed.

Kendall's P.O.V

All of a sudden I was falling and all I heard were a bunch of gasps. I wanted for the impact. I fell into someone's arms and hugged them tightly too scared to let go or open my eyes.

"You can open your eyes" I said the deep voice as the person sat down. I opened my eyes to see I was sitting on Luke's lap.

"I'm sorry" I said looking down.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"F-fine" I stuttered. I put my hand up to see it shaking.

"Woah your shaking" he said.

"Kendall sit out till tomorrow you got scared and your body may be weak" she said. I'm fine I said I tried getting up but I stumbled and Luke catched me.....

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