Falling for the bad boy (lrh)

"He's no good for you" she screamed.

"You don't know what good for me" I screamed back.

"He won't change" she screamed I could see the anger in her eyes.

"I can change him" I screamed tears streaming down my face


8. locker room

Kendall's P.O.V

I headed in the locker room to change for tryouts.

"Alright next up Kendall Marie" said a blonde girl with a really small uniform on and a cake face of make up. I did all the moves she asked me for with flips and kicks and stuff.

"I don't like her" said the blonde girl.

"She's perfect you in" said the coach, I smiled and jumped up and down. The blonde girl just stared at me with a death glare. I then went to change for gym. I wore a white fitted t-shirt, grey yoga pants, and black roshe runs. As I was about to get out the blonde bimbo stopped me.

"Alright listen Marie I'm Stacy obviously head cheerleader now I don't like you so stay away from me and just keep to the sides in cheer got it or bad stuff will happen. Also stay away from Luke he's mine he doesn't want your ugly ass he wants me cause I'm hot" she said while strutting away. Jesus Christ! I walked in to the gym.

"You late" said the gym teacher looking at his watch.

"I would have been on time if someone wasn't being a bitch" I mumbled looking at Stacy who heard.

"What was that Marie!" He yelled.

"Nothing and the names Kendall" I said with sass

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