Falling for the bad boy (lrh)

"He's no good for you" she screamed.

"You don't know what good for me" I screamed back.

"He won't change" she screamed I could see the anger in her eyes.

"I can change him" I screamed tears streaming down my face


19. let's go

55 chapter=next chapter


Kendall's P.O.V

I turned around to see the boys. Michael and Ashton being the nice people they are went to go help Stacy after laughing and snapping a pic of her, I started bawling my eyes out and I ran and hugged Luke I don't know why but I felt so safe with him. I

2 days before~

I was waiting for Luke in the janitors closet I am so done with that new girl Stacy and it needs to end. I then heard the door open.

"What?" Asked Luke.

"I have a plan since you want to get with Stacy and I want to embarrass her and make her wanna quit cheer so I can be on top" I said.

"Okay say the plan" said Luke.

"Alright so your going to find a way to talk to her umm... Ok invite her to your cousins sweet lay her a couple drinks and once she drunk go in for her and I'm gonna give you a record her and maybe try to snap a nude and we can show the school" I said.

"Um..idk" said Luke ugh here comes his baby side.

"Luke cmon" I said rolling my eyes.

"Fine" he said.

"Also she has a crush on Anthony so I have a mini plan for

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