Falling for the bad boy (lrh)

"He's no good for you" she screamed.

"You don't know what good for me" I screamed back.

"He won't change" she screamed I could see the anger in her eyes.

"I can change him" I screamed tears streaming down my face


30. hello

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Luke's P.O.V

I wore a black button up shirt with Mia sleeves, black pants, black shoes, and my hair to the side.

Kendall's P.O.V

I wore a badge crew neck sweater, a maroon high waisted skater skirt, black socks that go up to my waist, and black flats.

"Sweetie let's go" said my mom. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs.

"Where's the car?" I asked.

"The house is down the block" said my dad.

Luke's P.O.V

The door bell rang.

Kendall's P.O.V

I rang the door bell. The door opened to reveal Luke.

"O-oh u-uh hi" stuttered Luke.

"I-u-uh hey friend" I said mentally face palming myself.

"Liz" said my mother going up to Liz and hugging her.

"Hello roger" said Luke's dad.

"Hey lets go watch the game" said my dad running upstairs with Luke's dad like a kid.

"I'm Maria mind helping me in the kitchen" said Liz taking my mom and leaving me and Luke alone.

"Well fuck" I said sitting on the couch.

"We could do that and Don't swear" said Luke smirking while sitting next to me.

"Imma need for you to bring your fuckboy level down three more noches" I said laughing.

"Hey Kendal can I ask you something?" Asked Luke.

"You just did. Just kidding shoot" I said.

"Can we start over and be friends" he said scratching the back of his neck.

"I would love that" I said.

"Hi I'm Luke" he said.

"Hi I'm Kendall" I said.

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