Still Into You

Alex and Luke were best friends. Then Alex left for California for 4 years. When Alex comes back to Sydney and she faces Luke agian, will they fall in love?


4. Sydney Australia

Alex pov:

So I am at the airport with my mum waiting for Liz. Luke is at his house so I'll surprise him when we get to their house. My old house is still there right next to their house, and surprisingly, nobody bought our house. I wait patiently while listening to All Time Low's "Something's Gotta Give". Then I see a woman with my mum. I get up to see if it is Liz. 


"Hi Liz." I say

"Oh my, Alex Marie Smith, is that you. Oh my I missed you, as well as Luke."

"I missed you guys to"

"You guys wanna go now" my mum says interupting me and Liz's conversation.

"Ok lets go"

*skip to when they are at Luke's house*

When we get in the house, I here someone playing the guitar. Probably Luke. I go upstairs and hear him singing.

Taking every breath away. With all the mistakes I've made. From all the letters that I've saved. This is everything I didn't say. I wish I'd made you stay. and I'm the only one to blame. I know that it's a little too late. This is everything I didn't say.

Hearing him sing makes me happy. I wonder who he was singing about. I knock o the door and the music stops. I hear footsteps.


Luke's pov:


I broke up with my girlfriend, Michelle, because I still think of Alex. 4 fucking years of pain without her. I think that she left because of me. So I'm writing a song about her called Everything I Didn't Say. 

While I was finishing the chorus, I hear a knock on my door. I walk up to the door and open it to find someone familiar. Wait, is that Alex? 

"Alex, is that you?" I ask

"Luke, it's me, Alex. I missed you so much." she says hugging me.

I hug her back. I missed her so much. I missed hugging like this. This is so amazing. I haven't had a hug like this. 

"I missed you so much, Alex"

"I missed you so much too"

We release the hug after 10 minutes. We both go downstairs to see our mums talking, like old times. 

"Me and Samantha will be going on a trip for a month, so we are leaving you two here." my mum say. (samantha is Alex's mom's name)

"So don't have too much fun when we are gone." mum says

We both say ok at the same time, and we go upstairs in the t.v and xbox room. We watch a movie andd fall asleep together. I'm so glad she's back here with me.


A/N: Hey sorry if this is a boring chapter. It will get better in the future when I get the hang of writing. Hope you guys have good day and I'll write next time. Also sorry I didn't post earlier. I was having a hard time with homework. 

Lots of love,


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