Still Into You

Alex and Luke were best friends. Then Alex left for California for 4 years. When Alex comes back to Sydney and she faces Luke agian, will they fall in love?


5. Party


  Alex's pov:


        Liz and my mom left for a month. I slept at Luke's house and I feel happy waking up in his arms. I see him sleeping slightly snoring. I try to get up without wakng him, but his arms are holding me firmly. 


"Luke, wake up. I'm going to make breakfast."


"No, cuddle with me please." he says still holding me.


"Well, what would you like to do today hemmo?" 


"Let's throw a party since our parents aren't here."


"Luke, are you sure. I don't want to get into trouble." 


"It's going to be fine. I'll call me mates and they'll help set up. The party can start and 8:00, an my friend Ashton can invite most of the school" he says with excitment. I nod in response. 

*skip to 7:30 pm"


Luke's pov:


I wanted to at least wear something decent, so I put on my black ripped skinny jean, and my button up red and black checkered flannel. I call Ashton and tell him that he can send out a message that we are having  a party. And I ask Michael to bring the beer and stuff. I'm probably going to get drunk tonight. 


"Alex, can I see your outfit" I yell/ask from downstairs. She came down looking hot as fuck. She is wearing a black crop top with black skinny jeans and a blue and black flannel around her waist. I couldn't help but let m jaw drop. She was WAY prettier that Michelle. She started blushing. She looked so adorabole whenever she blushed.


  People started coming in and drunk really fast. 

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