Still Into You

Alex and Luke were best friends. Then Alex left for California for 4 years. When Alex comes back to Sydney and she faces Luke agian, will they fall in love?


9. I'm his girlfriend

Alex's pov:

I wake up to see no Luke. Thats weird. When I turn round, I see a note.

Dear alex,

Last night's kiss. It was special. I know you may not have this feeling, but I still really like you. Since the day I met you. When we were in 5th grade, I tought you were the prettiest girl in the world. And I still think that till this day. Well now that we are both 17, and now that you have a boyfrriend, I know that I can't bwe with you. But..... will you be myy girlfriend?

After I read this, I see a tall, blonde hemmo in my apperence. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Luke asks as he looks at me with pleading eyes.

"Luke I'd love to be your girlfriend! I also like you and I've liked you since 5th grade." I say with a smile on my face

I jump in his arms and look in his sea blue eyes. I get lost in them and start to lean in. I feel his soft lips on mine. He starts to put is tounge in my mouth. I tease him and don't let his tounge in my mouth. 

"Not today hemmo." I tease him

"Aww." Luke says with a tiny frowny face.

I laugh at his facial expression. I go downstairs and go ahead and make breakfast, but I see my favorite kind of pancakes, BANANA PANCAKES!! 

"Luke, did you do this?"

he nodded with a smile

"Aww thank you"

I literallty ate the two pancakes in under 10 bites. 

"So what do you want to do?" Luke asks. 

" I don't know. Where do you want to go" I ask

"Are you up for an adventure?" Luke asks while wiggling his eyebrows. 

"I guess" I say in a questioning voice

"W are leavoing by 8:00"

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