Still Into You

Alex and Luke were best friends. Then Alex left for California for 4 years. When Alex comes back to Sydney and she faces Luke agian, will they fall in love?


7. I still Love Her/Him and I don't care


Luke's pov:


As soon as everyone got here, I alreay drank two beers. I tried to find Alex, but I couldn't find her. I got on my thrid beer an it started to kick in. I feel very drunk now. I stubbled to find Alex in between the sweating bodies in the house. I finally found her and hungrily attacked her with my lips. She ammedietly kissed back with passion. It felt so good to have her lips on mine. I've been waiting for this moment for the seven years I've known her. She is just the most beautiful person I've met. I didn't really care for Michelle though. I never kissed her like I meant it. Alex is the one I've always wanted.


Alex's pov:


I see Luke stubbling to me. I think he might be drunk. But when I was about to say hi, he puts his lips on mine. I kiss back fast. It feels so good to have his lips on mine. His cold lip ring. it looks so sexy on him. We start making out in front of the drunk people. I've liked him since I was ten yers old. In the fifth grade we were in the same class, but we never actually talked until him, Ashton, Calum, and Michael came to me one day on the play ground when I was crying becase of this girl. Then we became friends instantly. Especially me ad Luke. Everyone started thinking that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. And started making ship names for us. Lalex. 


He pulled away with a smile on his face. He is so cute with his dimples. We were hugging each other for about fifteen minutes. It was and hour later for everyone to leave. We were going to clean up tomorrow. I got in my into my pajamas and started going to bed. I hear Luke get into my room and lay next to me. I go to him and llay on his chest. He is already asleep. I instantly fall asleep as he started snoring. 


Luke's pov:


I faked to fall asleep so I can write Alex something. I was going to write her about how I've been in love with her and stuff. And after she reads it I'll pop out and ask her to be my girlfriend. 

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