Still Into You

Alex and Luke were best friends. Then Alex left for California for 4 years. When Alex comes back to Sydney and she faces Luke agian, will they fall in love?


2. But Tomorrow I'll Be Coming Back To You


 Present day


Alex's Pov: 


      I've been in Cali for so long. Even though I have the cutest guys in school, Brandon as my boyfriend, and some friends, I still think of Luke. It's so hard for me not to think about him. Eventhough I haven't seen him in 4 FUCKING YEARS. 


 "Alex, come down here please! I hvae some important news!" my mom yells from down stairs. I trugde downstairs in the living room to find my mom . "What's up mom." I ask. "Well... WE ARE GOING BACK TO AUSSIE!!!" she says with excitement. "Oh my god really. THIS IS SO AWESOME" I can't believe it, I'm going to see Luke again. "Well we are leaving tomorrow, so get your things readyand say your goodbyes to your friends."  "Ok" Wow I can't believe that I'm going back to Australia. 


  I go upstairs and get ready to say bye to my friends and pack my things. I put on my Green Day shirt with black ripped shorts because FUCK IT'S HOT IN AMERICA. I but on my mascara and eyeliner. I don't really need conceler and foundaition becuase I never really need it. 


 "Mom I'm going to say bye to my friends." I say when I go downstairs "Ok make sure no one tries to kidnap you." I chuckle a little when she says that. I grab my keys and hea off to Madison's house.

  *skip to when she is there*


  I knock on the door, and she pops out. "Hey, I didn't know you were coming over." she says woth confusion. "Actually, I wanted to tell you someting. I'm moving back to Australia." I say worried she will freak out. "NO, please don't leave, me and the girls need you!!" "But I want to go back to my hometown in Sydney and see my friends." I say a little dissapointed because she is not supporting me. She is the usual one who is always saying go chase your dreams and do whatever you want. "Fine, you don't want to be in our group aanymore, so go ahead move!" she yells. FINE I WILL AND TELL THE REST OF OUR GROUP BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF BITCHES ANYWAY!" I yell back. I am really pissed off right now. "Fine get out of my face and leave." she says before slamming the door in my face.


I am furious. My own friend, my true friend, telling me what to do. So stupid. Well time to go to Brandon's house and say goodbye.To be honest, I don't know why I actually wanted to date him. He is just a douche bag like all the other boys in my school. 


  When I get to his house I ring the door bell and he immediatelly opens the door. "Hey cutie."he slurs a little bit. Has he been drinking? "Hey babe, I wanted to say I am moving back to Aussie and I wanted to talk it out." I get in his house and I see a blonde girl on the couch ONLY IN HER BRA AND UNDERWEAR?!?! WTF. Wait, is that Lilly? My enemy from school. "OK WHAT THE FUCK, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M OUT OF HEREI AM DONE WITH EVERYONE!! GOODBYE YOU LITTLE FUCKBOOY HAVE FUN WITH THIS SLUT!"I scream at him. 


  I'm so done with everyone. Everyone is pissing me off. I'm really happy about going back to Sydney. Eseicailly becaus eI get to see Luke again. I get into my housee and start packing. My mom went to get some groceries for our flight. I'm done packing in about 30 minuets. My mom is also done packing so all I have to do tomorrow is go on a plane to Sydney, Australia! I get into my pajamas and go to bed and 9:00. So we can be at the airport as soon as possible. Sydney here I come. 

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