Dark Alpha&The Savior |C.H|

Book. 1
Alpha Calum is the darkest man of all histories. Cruel, ruthless&selfish is what he IS known for until bumping into his Soulmate, Sonia..
Her wrath wanted a fight to death. Will they fight because of their differences in life?.. Or the mistake he made.


2. chapter Two


During the ride blasting the music to 'Clarity' pulling up to the parking at the front of our school. Great(Sarcasm:))

As we stepped out of the Black Jeep, we walked together talking about ideas for how would we celebrate our new house together.

"OH MY GOSH," Kiara screamed "Okay okay okay why don't we set up our blankets with food & candies while watching Netflix." She exclaimed.

"That's a great a great idea... If you want Netflix & chill so bad." I said nudging her laughing with Jasmine.

Bursting through the doors taking a deep breath of bullshit in the air, I faked smiled as Jasmine said "Girls, welcome to hell." She spread her arms gesturing the hallways. Kiara & I shook our heads nodding to the stupidity of immaturely students in this school but I know most of them & some of them are sweet. I'm quite social.

Kiara & I have met through Kindergarten, this girl & I have been through it all. Trust me, we. Aren't. Perfect. But we always manage to stay strong & I'm proud to say that. I call her KIWEEWEE(I was hyper don't judge me.)

Now Jasmine & I met through a friend in 4th Grade, her & I never clearly have a lot of arguments. Because we tend to support than judge. I call her Jazzy but she thinks it's girly & I honestly don't give a bom bom .

As I stepped to the front of my locker, I waved bye to them as we made our separate ways. I check the time & I knew I was going to be late for Math. I really love math, but other people don't I don't understand why? It's just like counting money but with more things on it to make it seem hard.

I huffed of frustration when I tried to unlock the lock, but it seems to not be my friend since there's no one else around in the halls but me. It was pretty awkward if I must say, but I would honestly take the chance & to dance in the middle. Except, I don't want to get into trouble & the girls would laugh at me or join me.

Happily opening my locker, I shoved my books in there & grabbed my Math notebook & textbook. I locked it, speed walking down the halls giggling about how Kiweewee fell on the face as I look down on my converse. Until I get shoved making me close my eyes getting prepared to feel the coldness of the floor but stead chills running down my spine as my chest bangs to a hard chest, Ouch.

I looked up to meet with these gorgeous chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen. But I frowned once who I realized who it was..

The boy whom I despise, who uses all the girls for horniness, the boy who will never learn how to love, the boy with attention, the boy with fame & the boy who is just a beast..

Calum Hood..

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