Dark Alpha&The Savior |C.H|

Book. 1
Alpha Calum is the darkest man of all histories. Cruel, ruthless&selfish is what he IS known for until bumping into his Soulmate, Sonia..
Her wrath wanted a fight to death. Will they fight because of their differences in life?.. Or the mistake he made.


3. Chapter Three


Honestly, I never thought that it would come to this meeting him this such a surprisingly way. But you gotta expect the unexpected. What's even more of a shocker, that he hasn't said a word to me not even a breath. It was strange.. Oh well, but the looks in his eyes made me curious & anxious about what was his thoughts that was running through his head. I was insecure & uncomfortable but at I thank the Lord that he left.

Basically, I came into Math late & got a detention. What a beautiful day to start with, I thought. My math teacher is Mr. Hernandez being a chicken butt always grumpy & looking like a damn super mario makes me laugh just imagining him jumping until he falls & dies. I know it's harsh, but come on. At least there's gotta be that one annoying teacher or more.

I'm in Biology doing an experiment with a frog with my partner Dylan O'Brien, he's quite the charmer. For his appearance & intelligence. He's technically a popular kid, he a jock, but it's not the type to flirt. He's himself & I like that..

At Freshman, I use to have the hugest crush on him until, it slowly fade away. Him & I are close. We'll be laughing here & there. Sometimes he would give me his jacket when I'm cold outside. But you know.. Me being a dumbass & embarrass myself, tripping over a rock being clumsy until he grabbed me.

Once the bell rang, I waved bye to Dylan & head to the cafeteria. I grabbed my lunch & walked to the girls. I told them everything that has happened this morning, they were in shock asking me questions all at once making me annoyed.

"UGH ONE AT A TIME YOU FUCKING CUNTS!" I shouted making everyone look at us. I rolled my eyes saying, "Go back to what you were doing please & I'm sorry to disturb." I run my hands through my hair as Jazzy asked "Speaking of the beast.. Where is he?" I searched around looking for a boy with a highlighting blonde on a brunette until I spot him at the center of the cafeteria with 'Britney the Bitch' sitting on his lap making out with him.

Jazzy & I gagged at them, "Get a fucking room like nobody wants to see porn." Kiara said while she's on her phone. I looked down playing with my food. I don't know why I felt this way, pain just making my tummy swirl. Doubts running through my head trying to get over it but my hearts yearns for something. Nothing was lost, but something is missing.

I glanced at them one more time to see that his friends, Luke, Michael & Ashton came to their spot laughing until I felt eyes on me. Looking at him again, I caught him staring at me with seriousness & smirk slowly creeped to his face.

I turned back around, oh how I wish this day would end already.

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