Dark Alpha&The Savior |C.H|

Book. 1
Alpha Calum is the darkest man of all histories. Cruel, ruthless&selfish is what he IS known for until bumping into his Soulmate, Sonia..
Her wrath wanted a fight to death. Will they fight because of their differences in life?.. Or the mistake he made.


1. Chapter One



I was running in the woods late in the afternoon, barefooted as cuts & bruises forming onto my skin. Light denim jeans ripped from the branches as they passed by, White tank top is now smeared with dirt, makeup & tears.Turning around I spotted-A DOG, it couldn't be a dog because it was much more bigger than that. I took a quick glance at it again & it was about 7 feet tall,claws sharp as a cat attacking & the teeth. Fur soft as a feather, color dark as Raven & eyes with mixed colored of chocolate & specks almond gold.

It growled & I ran faster, but I couldn't breathe from the lack of running so mu-SONIA SONIAAAA...

*waking up*

I woke up to a pillow hitting my face & another jumping on me.

"WAKE UP YOU LITTLE WHORE WE HAVE SCHOOL"A familiar voice on the left side. I groaned turning facing my tummy on the bed. I smirked at the annoyance I sensed written on my best friend since kindergarten..

I stood still while my Best friend Kiara jumps on the bed until I felt cold hale & water on my back, "WHAT THE FUCK?JASMINE!" I shot up from the bed & ran after them.

"HOLY SHIT I'VE NEVER SEEN HER RUN THIS FAST" Jasmine commented running down the stairs.

I stopped as Kiara went to the kitchen on the right & Jasmine to the Living room to the left, I chuckled at them walking back up the stairs heading to my room then kept walking to my bathroom.

I looked in the mirror & checked myself disgusted. Frizzy tangled brown hair with my caramel highlights, white crust on the side of my mouth, black mascara smeared under my eyes close to the color of the dark circles & morning breath.. Gross.

I took a quicky hot shower, brush my teeth & stepped out of the bathroom, walking to the windows closing my lavender curtain & removed my towel.

I walked to my drawer & wore a matching doodlesss. Then for clothes, I chose a dark blue skinny jeans, a loose over-sized grey sweater rolled up sleeves(it's up to my mid-thigh since I'm shorter than the both of them) slipped on my dirty all white converse. Then I went back into putting eyeliner on my water line, mascara, a bit of blush & lipbalm to make my lips fuller than it was.

"Ew makeup" Jasmine leaned against the door frame as she cringed her face, I laughed, "At least it's not cake." "...Touché."

She was wearing black short sleeve shirt, black ripped jeans, all black hightop converse & red & blsck flannel. Edgy was written all over her. She say likes black because 'it expresses how she feels.'my butt but(BUTT BUT LMFAOO😂) I love making her smile. She's a tomboy & BEAUTIFUL. With her brown locks to her shoulders, black/brown eyes, natural lashes full, perfect smile, dimples & amazing body in the right places.

Kiara came inside telling us to hurry up, walking in the bathroom taking my mascara, I rolled my eyes at her. She's wearing highwaisted shorts, red&blue flannel,white tank top & mint converse. Kiara is beautiful too with her Bratz lips, brown eyes & long wavy hair..

Jasmine & I ran to the kitchen to get our things until we heard footsteps running, "IM READY." Until a thud, seeing Kiara on the floor. We started crying on the floor with a huff from Kiara. "It's wasn't funny anyways."

We kept laughing reaching to the car heading our way to the drama world.

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