Dark Alpha&The Savior |C.H|

Book. 1
Alpha Calum is the darkest man of all histories. Cruel, ruthless&selfish is what he IS known for until bumping into his Soulmate, Sonia..
Her wrath wanted a fight to death. Will they fight because of their differences in life?.. Or the mistake he made.


4. Chapter Four


Ever since Calum & I bumped each other, not once did I ever stop thinking about him. I wonder did he ever felt that spark too? Did he get the chills like I did? I was going out of my mind.

When school was over, I was thinking about this walking with the girls to the car jumping in until a finger snaps in front of me.

"HELLOOOO, are you okay Sonia?," Kiara asked in the back seat as Jasmine looked at me with curiosity before starting the car "Are you thinking about that boy again?" They both smiled.

I felt the heat running from my neck up to my cheeks turning into a shade of pink "No, now start the damn car already, I'm hungry." I said while I poke my tummy as it growls.

As Jasmine parked the car in the drive way, we all ran inside laughing planning to get ready to watch movies. I got on my onesie because they're comfy & cute!

After the movies, I went to my room. I kept on laughing when we were doing truth or dares & I had to do the worm but I end up falling on my face which made them laugh.

I lay on my bed, thinking about the last person I expected to be thinking about...

Calum Hood...

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