L & C Stay or Regreat

A story about a girl that make her dreams come true and she felt in love with the 5SOS member (????)but she let him for (????) and she don't know if she really love (????)or (????) she stays with (????) but is a love that can kill She stays with (????) She go with (????) discover who are the handSome boys Lies,Love,Faight.......


1. 1- star of stars

Morning January

I just don't know what happen today that I feel so good and my name is Skeeter I lots I'm from Mexico but I moved to Russia when I have 6 years . my dream is get convert in a. International star and that's what I will follow this dream ; I love Mustangs are my dream car well today me and my best friend Will sing in a TV show call Today Notice and we have a band call the Perfect Balance but it's more a band of two people so yeah ... Well my dream is get far away be the best in wherever I do I to play lien semi professional the basketball and I love it but music it's the election that I will always elect I love withney Huston , avril lavigne , bring me the horizon , pierce the veil , sleeping with sirens and so important 5SOS and taylor swift , I'm a little strange slipknot and justin Bieber are in the same playlist but I like to ver original my best friend it's Victoria.

We are happy (me and Victoria ) with all that's happen with us we already firm with a discography ,we have just 14 years, but this is what I always dream more than Victoria I guess but I know she love to sing that energy that you won't find never I. Other place than the place where is your favorite activity Victoria don't think ever she will do this but I make her do this in part because a he can say no but she says yeah to go with my singing teacher that make the music for ones channels on TV and we tell to him that we need that he help us to ft far ; so hero what I can and here we are ....

Ok so this is what happen

We have like an hour until the presentation on MTV of our song that it's call "Откуда ты" in English where are you from ...and ones of t.A.T.u make for remember that awesome girls

So yeah we was nervous we walk to go on stage at MTV presentation and I guess I ever being this nervous ( me and Victoria walk to the stage for get on scene) and for worried more on Front of me was he with blue eyes, so tall Luke Hemmings ( Ok it's official I will die)

Hey - he says

Me - hello ?( be is really talking to me?)

Luke - You're Skeeter of perfect balance

Me - yeah so for what a star like you want me ? (I sound dumb what he will think)

Luke - just ask for ?

Me- For....What?( really "For ...What" ; I say WHAT I'm doing WHAT the hell I'm doing)

Luke - know you , well both of you ( looking at me and Victoria )

Me - Ok?( that was my answer someone kill me please cos I don't what I'm dining but if I was nervous now I'm totally will die ,what I can do?)

Luke- I like your music it's kinda cool

Victoria - Kinda?

Me-(on my mind - "WHAT THAT FUCK he say he don't like it but , what happen , be like if or not , or what KINDA why")

Luke - I say COOL !!!!

Me and Victoria -(laught) (me- "ok he like it , m fine")

Luke - I made you smile I guess I'm good not

Me - hahhahaha guess so

Luke - well bye get lucky and maybe 5SOS and Perfect Balance can get out together

Victoria - Yeah it will be fun

5SOS guys - Bye

Us - Bye

Skeeter P.O.V

So it's the time to get in the stage I'm nervous but i need to be strong this is my dream so it's the time there's no coming back and like I always say "dream more far away"

Well my actuation. With Luke was not the best I look so dumb but for talk with honestly I never think I will meet he just in my wildest dreams but know that it come true I don't know ?

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