Winter Vacation ||N.H||

About a girl going on winter vacation by herself, when she meets this mysterious stranger who saves her life and falls deeply in love with her


1. Prologue

"Welcome Winter, goodbye school two weeks of Winter Vacation has come!" I say excitedly, as  I drive to the cabin I rented out for 2 weeks. It was supposed to be me and my bestfriend out in this cabin, but noooooooo, she has to go  to this mountain lodge and spend the two weeks with her boyfriend. Next time, when I get a boyfriend, I'm going to ditch her for two weeks.

I got out of my car, and took in the scenery​. There, standing right in front of me is the most beautiful tree I've seen. It was full of snow and had Christmas ornaments hung on every branch, and on the other side was a.....boy? From here he was wearing a Christmas jumper, black skinny jeans, black boots, a beanie, and a his hair was quiffed.

"Hello???" I called, and he heard, then ran. I ran after him, he was faster. stronger, then before I knew it, I ran into a tree branch and hit my head. I knocked out and next when I woke up, I saw him.

"Hi" I said, rubbing my head.

"Oops!" He said helping me up, "I'm sorry I made you run after me."

"What's your name?" I asked, balancing myself.

"Horan, Niall Horan" I giggled at his impression of trying to be James Bond.

"I'm Tomlinson, Marie Tomlinson" I smile.

So I decided, since its going to be Winter Vacation for me soon, I decided to start this book.

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