Claire was an exchange student form America sent to Australia. She had great grades an amazing boyfriend and a perfect life. What happens when she has to leave that all behind and meets one boy who changes everything?


3. Ch.2•School

I woke up wrapped up in Calum's arms. I moved and he woke up.

"Good Morning beautiful." He said with a smile.

"Morning." I replied.

"We have to be at school normally by 8:45 and late bell is 8:50. But today you can kinda take your time and then we can get ready to go. It's only 7:25, so we have time."

I got out of the bed and took a shower. When I was done Calum got in and I got dressed. I wore a plain white crop top, light blue jeans, and black vans. I tied a red and black flannel on my waist. I went into the bathroom forgetting Calum was there. The shower is in a smaller room and I started using the sink withtour even thinking about Calum. A couple minutes he came in with only a towel around his waist.

"Oh sorry." I sad looking down

"It's cool." He said walking out.

Ok I'm not getting feeling for Calum because I only met him but I developed a full crush on him. I put the top part of my hair in a bun and the bottom down. I put in my nose ring on the left side. I had three- one on the left, one on the right, one in the skin in the middle by my nose bone. I call it my cow horn. I walked out and Calum came a little after. He was wearing a Greenday shirt and the same old black jeans and converse.

"Ready?" He asked


We stopped at the iHop and then went to the school.

"So I'm gonna get your locker combination, class schedule and other stuff. The school gave us the same schedule so if you get lost ask for me." He said with the cutest smile ever.

After my first four classes there was lunch. After getting my food Calum and I sat down waiting for his friends.

"Ok so before you meet my friends let me tell you about them: Ashton is the sweet one. He will treat you like a sister. Michael is the childish comedian. He can never grow up. Then there is lastly Luke. Please don't get me wrong when I say this but Luke like a brother but he's no good for you. He is a bad influence. He is the bad boy. He's the one who has most likely fucked every girl in school. He's my best friend and I'm im telling you watch out."

"Um ok..? Thanks though." I said giving him a hug

A few minutes later 3 boys waked over. One had blonde hair, one had galaxy hair and one had beautiful hazel eyes.

"Hi I'm Ashton." The one with the eyes said

"Hi." I said smiling

"Hello. I'm Michael." He said

"Hi." I sad concentrating on the hot one behind him I'm guessing is Luke.

"Holy fuck. Your hot as shit. I'm Luke." He said smiling

"Um... Hi" I said smiling to myself

"Can I talk to you for a second?" Luke said pointing to the isolated water fountain.

"Um sure." I said. He grabbed my hand and walked me over outside to the water fountain.

"I just wanted to tell you your really pretty."

"Thank you." I said. I was leaned against the wall and his hand was now above mine. Luke walked closer to me with barely any space between us. We were so close we could kiss.

"Just one night. That's all I would need to make you feel good princess." He said grabbing hold of my waist pulling me towers his dick. He sarted leaving trails and patterns of kisses on my neck causing me to slightly moan.

"Fuck." I said. He was so strong I couldn't push him off. After about two minutes he broke away walking back to the table. I followed after. I continued to eat my lunch and then a girl walked over. She was wearing the bare minimal of clothes. She had on a shirt that went maybe a inch under her breasts and shorts that revealed too much ass. She sat on Luke's lap and started making out with him. She quickly slid her hand under his pants and started moving it.

"Not here babe." He said and with that she removed her hand from his pants.

"We have a couple minutes till next class lets get going Calum said."

It was around the last class and it was art.

"Ok so this class you sit in the very back with Luke. I sit in the front but the teachers desk is turned towards the back oof the class and she is basically deaf and blind. You could tell penis in class at the top of you lungs and she wouldn't hear it. We are currently working on collages and Luke will show you what to do. Any questions just ask me." He said walking to his desk.

I walked to the very back sitting next to Luke.

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