The year 8473. An island falling to smithereens. Animals are dying out quickly. Pollution is at its highest. One girl feels so much sorrow. The memories are fading. Time is running out... quickly.


5. Sunset

So now I stare at the horizon watching the sunset. All morning and all night and I have been here for and not moved a muscle. I have no regrets. I have nothing else better to do with my life. The sun sets behind the dark murky polluted clouds for another night. Another lonely night. 

Wolves howl in the distance, the sound of the crickets become louder and I hear crows calling to one another. It is time to leave soon, before the night eats me alive. 

I sit up, and stretch my muscles. They ache all over. I turn around, and head back to the building. I will come back tomorrow. Lying down on the beach is one of my favourite past times. It's where all the good memories are. 

To the front door I walk, and into the building. The lift, I press for the button. It comes to life, and the doors open. I walk in, and press for the top floor. I look at my reflection in the mirror, scraggy, torn clothes, my hair is a mess. I can't bare to look at myself. I turn around, and the doors open. 

I walk down and to my flat. I open the door, walk in, lock it. To my bedroom, I fall flat onto the bed, and let the darkness take over me. 

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