The year 8473. An island falling to smithereens. Animals are dying out quickly. Pollution is at its highest. One girl feels so much sorrow. The memories are fading. Time is running out... quickly.


8. Strong

I am waking up again. My eyes are sore, my body aches all over, and I feel so tired. I roll over to look out of the window to see the night sky. I have been in bed all day, and I really couldn't care less.

I haven't eaten or drank anything or days and now my body is starting to feel the worst of it. I may just starve myself to death. It will be the easy way out of life. 

"Why, why, whyyyyyyyyyyy" I roll over and bury my face into the pillow, again. 

Death would be a sweet release for me right now. I wish I could die in this bed right here, right now. 

I've tried to stay strong for the past 20 years, but it is just too hard. 

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