The year 8473. An island falling to smithereens. Animals are dying out quickly. Pollution is at its highest. One girl feels so much sorrow. The memories are fading. Time is running out... quickly.


6. Nightmare

I’m falling into a deep sleep quite easily. This makes a nice change. My eyelids fall heavier and heavier, and I find myself going into the dream land. I wonder what I will dream about tonight.



I’m gripping onto my Mothers top walking through a crowd of people. I feel so small, so innocent. A gunshot fires in the distance.

“Mummy!” I yell and grip tighter.

“It’s okay darling, just stick close to me and Daddy, we’ll be home soon” she looks down and smiles at me, that smile. I know everything will be fine. I smile back, knowing that everything will be fine.

“Nobody move!” someone yells. Gunfire. This time, it won’t stop. I look about manically. Blood splatters on my clothes, my face. I look down, my mother, my father, lying on the ground, lifeless. I go to my knees and look over at them.

“Mummy?” I shake her. “Daddy?” gunshot. I look behind.. nothing... I look about... lots and lots of bodies lying there, lifeless, bloody.

“Mummy?” tears to my eyes. I wipe them with my sleeve. “Daddy?” I look at them both. Their lifeless bodies, the blood. I lie next to my mother and hold her hand, I take my fathers, and hold his. I will never let go, I will not move, I will stay here forever.


The pain is too much. I lunge forward and throw my hands to my head.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I scream. I lean forward and to my left side, that memory, that nightmare, will never leave me. 

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