The year 8473. An island falling to smithereens. Animals are dying out quickly. Pollution is at its highest. One girl feels so much sorrow. The memories are fading. Time is running out... quickly.


3. Beach

Sitting on the sand looking out at the sea I ponder on the memories of dancing, skipping and being merry on this beach. Oh the happy memories. They will never be forgotten. 


My father is up ahead with his arms held out, smiling, cheerful and laughing, waiting to pick me up and throw me up into the air. 

I start sprinting, my father waiting... waiting... waiting... The taste of the sand, the wind whirling in my ears, the smell of the sea. Beautiful. Closer... closer... closer... I can hear him laughing. 

"A -"

The sound of a fog horn in the distance interrupts my memory,. 

"Uhmmmmmmmm" I moan and rub my face. I look over and to the right where my father would be standing. Nothing but just dust in the wind. 

What now? Ponder on more memories? Skim some rocks in the sea? Or just sit here and stare into space? 

I think of the memories... in the past.... the happy times that used to be. I am forever alone in this place and nothing will ever change. 

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