Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


8. The Prophecy

"Uhuh, so now can you tell me what this prophecy is?" I ask George. 

"The prophecy, you know what the prophecy is" George says. 

"No I don't. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking" 

"Cheeky, alright.. when I was a young lad I heard of this prophecy... my parents and my grandparents were talking about it... I was only around five years old.... - "

"Please, get to the point" 

"Hm. Right, basically this prophecy told us of an angel coming down from the sky" 

There is a pause. 

"Is that it?" I ask. 

"Yes, my grandfather told me when I was young that an angel would come down from the sky to the lake... after that... of what I can remember.... a device came into the sky, my grandfather told me to run, I did.... he was killed by the device"

"I am sorry to hear that"

"He was a great man... the last thing he told me was that the angel would bring happiness"

"I cam looking for happiness" 

"Hmm.... we will have to find out what this prophecy means. My grandfather told me that a crystal... something is under the lake. I think it has something to do with the prophecy. We must find it. Billy, find Mark and the others, we'll have to go to the lake and find this crystal. I'll need help" 

"Yes George, we'll see you there" Billy says, and disappears into a nearby hole. George and I set off to the lake. Now it is time to find out what this prophecy means. 

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