Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


26. The Hole

“Erm... apparently... she’s here...” Gary says looking around the spot they are around the trees.

“What do you mean?” Karen asks frustrated.

“It stops here”

“She might......” they all look towards the ground. “Be under the ground” Gary leans towards the ground... he pulls some of the ground away, and the group of them are looking down at the girl. “Got her” Karen smiles. She flies up.

“No!” she screams. The guards grab her, pin her wings behind her back so that she is unable to fly, pin her to the ground, and shoot her in the neck with a tranquiliser gun. Karen watches in glee. She has the girl. Back in her hands. And this time, she won’t escape.

“She’s mine again, great work Gary, the drinks are on me tonight” Karen says and pats him on the shoulder.

“All in a good days work Karen” he smiles. The girl is placed onto a stretcher board. She is tied to it and they walk back to the helicopter. Karen smiles to herself again, knowing that she has the girl back. 

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