Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


4. Morning

Nightmare. I wake up, sit up and find myself staring into the lakes water. 

"Morning" someone says nearby me. I look down at my left to see the bunny from last night. I nearly forgot about the talking bunny. 

"Morning" I say and rub my eyes. 

"Morning" a female voice says. Another bunny walks around. 

"Morning" I say again. 

"Sorry about last night, my name's Billy, and this is my wife Andrea" Billy says. Wow... just wow. 

"Look Daddy, wings!" a young voice behind me says. Really? There's more? I look down at my right to see two small, cute, adorable bunnies. I want to keep them all. 

"I know dear, your like an angel" 

"Well... that could be one word to describe me" I say. 

"Can you fly?" the other bunny asks. 


"Woow" they both say. 

"This is my son Max, and my daughter Holly... there both the.. curious type" Billy says. I pick Max up and tickle him. 

"There kids... its to be expected" I say tickling him. 

"Hehe, that tickles" he laughs, and I put him back down next to his sister. 

"Well, it was nice meeting you again, come on you two, let's go find some breakfast" Billy says and they follow him. Breakfast. My stomach growls. I could also do with some breakfast. I stand up and follow. 

"I'll help" I say, Billy looks up at me. 

"Oh, how kind thank you" I walk to the trees, look up and see lots and lots of pears hanging from one of them. I take three from the tree. 

"Got breakfast"

"Well... you could come in handy" 

"Hmm... these will need washing" We go back over to the lake. I sit cross legged, wash the pears,  half two of them, give them half a pear each and then start eating one to myself. 

"If you don't mind me asking, where've you come from?" Billy asks curiously. I stop eating the pear and look into the water. Where I've come from... now that is a good question. Where have I come from? 

"I don't really want to talk about it" 

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