Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


2. Midnight Sky

Staring up at the midnight sky I inhale the happy waves from the lake. Ah happy thoughts, the best kind of thoughts to have. They call this Lake Paradise for a reason. I'm not living in it. And I never plan to leave. It is the happy thoughts and the positive waves they are keeping me alive. 

Nearby, I hear something shuffle. Curious, I sit up and turn around. I look down, and see the cutest bunny ever alive. 

"Aww aren't you so darn cute?" I say and tickle it. 

"Hehe, yes I am" it says. I flinch back and look at it gobsmacked. 

"Whoa, you can talk" 

"Yeah I do, all animals talk around here" 

"Uhuh... wow" the bunny moves towards the water and starts to drink it. "You're a talking bunny" it steps away from the water and looks at me. 

"Yep, get used to it love" I watch as he runs away into the trees. I lie back, looking up at the stars and think about the talking bunny. I hope he comes back. I find my eyes growing heavier and heavier, and I start to fall in a deep sleep. 

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