Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


11. Laboratory

Karen arrives at the laboratory. There are more cars in the car park than usual and there are people running around panicking. Good job this is in the middle of nowhere, Karen thinks to herself. Or the police would be all over this case. Karen steps out of her silver Mercedes and over to the front door which people are running out of. She pushes the front door open and watches people arguing in the foyer, people running around on different levels not knowing what to do or where to go.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Karen bellows, everyone stops what they are doing and turns to look at Karen.

“Karen” someone says running to her holding a lot of papers. A man in his 30’s, tall, skinny, attractive wearing a black suit and glasses. “The girl, she’s escaped”

“I heard that over the phone Gary, now what the hell happened?”

“It’s best if you come and look” Gary turns around and walks to the back of the room. Karen looks around as she walks watching the people running around panicking. This must be worse than it looks, she thinks to herself. Gary reaches a door at the back of the building which has been knocked down. Karen looks at it, gobsmacked.

“How in....” Karen is so shocked; she can’t manage to finish the rest of the sentence.

“We think it happened over night, if you think that’s bad, wait until you get down to the room” Gary walks down the step, Karen behind, shocked, scared at what she just witnessed. She fears what she is about to see next. 

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