Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


23. Into The Trees

All this thinking has me tired. George and Billy have gone off, and I feel like exploring. I put the crystal down, and go into the trees onto the other side of the lake. I wonder what I will find. I firstly bump into an apple tree, one falls off and I catch it, I rub it against my shirt and take a bite. The juiciness. Oh the juiciness. I savour the first bite, and then dig into it. I walk past some trees... and then find myself face to face with a lion. I swallow the piece that is in my throat and freeze to the spot in fear.

“There is nothing to be afraid of” the lion says in a deep voice, he sounds quite old. “I am Aran, the oldest of the lions, and I have wanted to talk to you for quite some time now”

“Really?” I ask, and feel more comfortable, I let my shoulders drop and I take a breath out.

“Yes. I have seen you around for some time and I want to know why you are here”

“I ran away....... from........ this place I was in... and I found this lake. I found some crystal which tells of a prophecy”

“The prophecy.... I bet it has something to do with that device that was here a long time ago”

“ know about it?"

“I was here... I was only a boy. My grandfather told me that an angel would come here one day... and that would change the future... however, this... device above the lake helped alter it. I think you have come back to get the silver sword and make the world right again”

“The what?”

“The – “ his voice is cut off by a deafening roar by up ahead. We look up... to see a black device above the lake. The prophecy. It has finally come true. Fear strikes me, and I have no idea what to do. “Hide, quick, make sure you are not found” Aran turns and runs.

“Wa – “I step forward and fall into a hole. I reach up.. and pull the ground back.. I look up, and look through the hole, watch what is happening. I see people jumping from the plane onto the ground. My heart races, my mouth feels dry, I can not believe what is happening. 

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