Lake Paradise

A young girl finds Lake Paradise. A lake of happiness and good fortune. But.. how long will it last?


6. Confused

"What are you talking about?" I ask. 

"You're the angel we've been waiting for, you took your time, 74 years to be precise" Bob says. 

"74 - what - what are you talking about?" 

"Well... don't we have a lot of explaining to do... Andrea why don't you take the kids to mine and I'll take the angel to George" 

"Okay Bob, come on children" Andrea says and the kids follow. 

"What's going on mummy?" Holly asks her mother, and they disappear into the trees. We also walk into the trees, and stop at one nearby. 

"Okay, hang on, I'll get George" Bob says and disappears down a hole. 

"Whose George?" I ask Billy. 

"George the great, he's the oldest and wisest of us all" Billy says. George the Great Bunny. It has a nice catch to it. Moments later, Bob and George appear from a hole. George looks a lot older, and a lot bigger than Bob. 

"I say, it really is the angel, we've been waiting for you for to long" George says. I sit down so I can see them better. 

"Uhuh... now can you tell me about this prophecy?" I ask. 

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