The Brother's Best Friend

Grace finally meets her older brother after 10 years, and she brings her best friend Navea along.

Snippet From The Movella-
I got off the plane to see my mom, dad, and my brother..
Luke Hemmings.


1. The Reunion

I got of the plane, and saw my mom, dad, and my brother, Luke Hemmings. I walked towards them, and hugged my mom.

"Hey..." I heard Luke say quietly.

I looked at him, and said "Hi brother I've never met."

I felt him hug me tightly, and look at my friend Navea. I pulled away when they started leading Navea and I to the car.

*About 2 hours later*

 I got out of the car, and I saw 3 boys running towards the mustang. I automatically grabbed Luke, and I saw a cute curly haired one smile, and say

"Hi. I'm Ashton, but you can call me Ash."

I nodded, and said "Grace."

I heard the kiwi one say "I'm Calum." I looked up when I heard a red head say "I'm Michael."

I saw Michael automatically run back to Navea, and I saw all the guys get our bags.

"whoa. It's Huge!" I said when I looked up at the house. I heard Ashton giggle, and I gasped when I felt him pick me up, and run into the house, and dropped me on the couch.


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