The Brother's Best Friend

Grace finally meets her older brother after 10 years, and she brings her best friend Navea along.

Snippet From The Movella-
I got off the plane to see my mom, dad, and my brother..
Luke Hemmings.


4. Chapter 4

*Grace's P.O.V*

I got up slowly, and walked after Ashton. I wasn't paying attention, and I accidentally ran straight into him. Whoops.. I looked past him, and saw 5 guys sitting on the couch.

"Who are they?" I asked, astonished that Ashton wasn't doing anything.

I heard him say "Grace, this is One Direction. They're the guys who got us the gig." I saw him point at the boys in turn, "This is Harry. Louis. Niall. Liam, and Zayn."

I felt them hug me in turn, and I said "Hi, I'm Grace Hemmings." I saw the boy named Liam say

"Whhhat, you're THE Grace Hemmings. The youtuber, and the one who Ashton always said was hot?!"

I laughed, and said "Did he now?"

I saw Ashton punch Liam in the arm, and I saw his face turn very dark red. I rolled my eyes, and turned around, about to go get dressed, but I saw my mom and dad smirking. 

I heard my dad say "He used to talk about your videos all the time. We never told him they you were part of our family, because it was funny about how ironic it was that your last name was Hemmings." 

I laughed when I saw Ashton's reaction, I heard him say "Mr. Hemmings. With all do respect sir… shut up."


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