The Brother's Best Friend

Grace finally meets her older brother after 10 years, and she brings her best friend Navea along.

Snippet From The Movella-
I got off the plane to see my mom, dad, and my brother..
Luke Hemmings.


3. Ashton

*Btw This Is A Week After.*

*Ashton's P.O.V*

I leaned down, kissing Grace passionatly. I heard someone clear their throat, and I jumped bumping my head on the top of Grace's bunk bed.

"Owww." I said, rubbing my head. I looked at the door, to see all 3 of the guys laughing. I threw a pillow at Luke, and I saw it bounce off him, and hit Michael in the face. I got off Grace, and off the bed. I grabbed my bandana, and put it back on my head. I glanced back at the door, and saw Navea laughing. I pushed past them, and walked out of the door, towards the kitchen.

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