My Everything ~ Niall & Ariana Fanfic

Ariana Grande-Butera is a girl from Florida.
She began her journey on Broadway and then was discovered by Nickelodeon as so on...
The story starts off when her first album - Yours Truly - was first published


3. Chapter 3

~A/N: Yay, I finally get to write this on my computer! Hopefully it will be longer!~

~Ariana's POV~

We found our seats. Sadly, our seats wern't together as they sat two rows behind me. I sat down with my mom, Frankie and the crew behind me. I was just looking around because i was bored and i wanted to know where people were sitting. My eyes looked around until I saw them... One Direction. I see they're sitting all the way to the front. I see Kylie and Kendall sitting behind them, they both know I kind of...maybe have a small crush on Niall for awhile. I got a text from Kylie.

Kylie: Hey, I see you and your soon to be lover is sitting infront of us. I'm guessing you've seen. Get your ass over here and introduce yourself ;)

I looked up feeling abit red seeing Kylie looking at me, smiling her head off. I felt a slight pushby Jennette who told me to go and say hi. She also knew my little secret since she was my best friend. I took a deep breathe and I entered panic mode. i'm honestly so shy around new people especially when it comes to cute boys.

I walked over to Kyle and Kendall as i hugged both of them, "I missed you guys so much!" I said smiling at them.

They both laughed before Kendall said, "Oh hush up, now go say hi." they push me forward and all I can say is "Hi..."

"You alright love?" Niall said directly at me smiling.

I got lost in his eyes. "Umm...yeah sorry about that, some people manage to be abit pushy."

He chuckled, "Anyways nice to finally meet the Princess of Pop, Ariana Grande!"

I blushed, "Thanks nice to meet you too, yet you're very charming."

"I could totally feel the love here." Louis said.

I don't know what got over me but i started smiling like a weirdo.

"The feelings mutual." I replied.

I hugged them all and gotten to know them a little bit, as Kylie and Kendall came into the conversation.

"Nice push you guys did." Harry mentioned.

"I've been practising," Kendall replied.

"I'm glad you did because now we could finally meet you." Niall smirked, looking at me. "So, when are you performing love?" I could hear the others Ohhhhing and Awwhhhing at us when Niall said 'Love'.

I ignored them, "Umm...after you guys."

"We could hang out backstage then, I can't wait to see you perform!" Niall said.



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